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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by D3Smartie, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Anyone interested in a sculpin swap? I am in the process of tying up a bunch of sculpins for SRCs and would love to see what sculpin patterns other guys use either around here or when chasing big bows and browns in the freshwater.
    I'd like to keep this small... 6 or so people.
    everyone will include a SASE.
    due date 6 weeks after after a close the swap.
    1. D3 - conehead muddler
    2.ozcast - conehead doublebunny
    3. Jake
    4. Clint - purple/brown muddler
    5. Mumbles

    and to remind folks... Big cutties like scuplins :)
  2. I'm game. Ill tie a Cone head Double Bunny.
  3. thanks oz :)
  4. you got it...nice fish BTW. Love the spots on the fins.
  5. i'd love to get in on this one but unfortunately not this time around
  6. I will join David. I will do a purple/brown bunny muddler. With a crazy eye cone head.

    What is a SASE?

  7. Self Adressed Stamped Envelope
  8. David,

    I just closed the books on three other swaps by loading up my mailbox for the postman. I'll likely not get to start tying any of these until after the Hoh Down, but I'll take a spot if one remains open. I'll likely tie a sculpin that is mostly rabbit and deer hair. Not sure what it is called but it has a bunny strip tail, body wrapped in rabbit, spun deer hari collar to give "fins" and head definition and then finished with a fat rabbit head. I'll put some weight to it either under the body or a cone head...probably body wraps. If you think that sound good let me know. Ed
  9. Im down for this one.
  10. sorry you cant be in on this one Mike. you always bring something top notch. We'll miss you.
  11. mumbles- as long as we can fish it, its ok.
  12. You can fish it. You will like to fish it. It may become D3Smartie's go to SRC pattern. Wait, too much hopeful projection there. It'll fish, that is all I can say. I'll start working on them after my return from the OP next week. Thanks.
  13. it will have to be pretty phenomenal to be my #1 cutthroat fly but we will see... good luck on the O.P.
  14. Will you be tying your #1 cutt fly for us D3?.....I hope... or is it different than the muddler?
  15. David it better be the #1 cutty fly, I only expect the best from you. JK :thumb: :rofl:
  16. D3, I am done. Where can I send them? Also Are we tying an extra set?
  17. yeah it will deffinately not be that... i will send you the fly i have caught more cutties on than anything else though... just as a special extra for being 1st.
  18. just tie 6. sent you a PM with my address
  19. Thanks D3. Looking forward to it!
  20. i have a feeling you'll be disappointed...

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