Sculpin Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by D3Smartie, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. If you say that a fish will bite it..I wont be disappointed...
  2. mine are done as well... we just need one more guy to step up and take the last spot.
  3. I'll take the last spot if its still open.

  4. Ok, i said 6 weeks from the close of the swap. I hope that folks can get 6 flies knocked out in a shorter time frame than that. i know 2 of us are already done so we should be good to go sometime in april.

    THE OFFICIAL CLOSE DATE WILL BE FRIDAY MAY 8TH.. I need flies in hand with a SASE by this date. Lets get it done and start fishing.
  5. sent mine today via UPS. If you dont have them on Monday let me know.
  6. oz- got your flies today. SWEET!!! i cant wait to try one of these bad boys out.
  7. thanks D3.
  8. sent out PMs with my address to everyone but spey and oz... spey, hopefully we can meet up and get the feathers in your hands and the flies in mine through a FTF... if its not going to work out i can always get my addy for you as well.
  9. Mine are going out today or tomarrow, I settled with a double bunny articulated sculpin....bulls and cutts should be all over them. :thumb:

  10. Never mind, May 8th. I can beat that deadline, maybe I'll tie two sets...not sure.
  11. Mine will be sent on monday if I dont see you this weekend.

  12. Just knocked mine out. I'll get them to David either in person
    or by mail. Looks like we will closing this swap early.
  13. I've got to admit you guys are making me look like a slacker. I will get mine started and done as soon as I can turn out something with quality. I won't hold all of you up to the May 8th deadline. Just give me a bit of time.
  14. no worries ED.
  15. Ok, mine are out today. Was gone turkey hunting in E. Wa so I had a slight delay.

    PS: I spaced on the name tags, mine with be the brown articulated double bunny sculpins.
  16. Okay, so I tied some prototypes and wound up with one that I like. Tomorrow I'll replicate it five more times. Is it a sculpin? How the hell should I know. It has some flash, some olive, some black, a trailer hook loop tied in (slick idea, thanks David!) and that is what your're all getting.
  17. havent recieved anyones flies yet with the exception of Ozcast. please do let me know if you guys have put them in the mail. A pm would be best when the actually are in the mail.
  18. David,

    I just put mine onto the rotator tonight. Applied a bit of phosphoresent clear head cement over the thread and eyes. I'll try to pack them this weekend and ship either tomorrow or Monday.

    I do have tomorrow off if we're fishing...I can hand them off!

  19. I'll be busy with the CCA banquet today and tomorrow but if you're going to be in silverdale or poulsbo we might be able to meet up so you dont have to ship them.
    i'll PM you my phone #
  20. Thanks David. Got your PM. I'll call if I'm around. If not I'll ship them Monday. I don't want to keep the rest of this tying faster than lightning group waiting for my fuzz ball flies. Good luck with banquet, I hope you guys rake it in.

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