Sculpin Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by D3Smartie, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. i am going to hold out some faith for a bit seeing as the last package Jake sent got here, albeit destroyed and weeks later. It should show up so I will wait for a couple days...
  2. I can not believe it hasnt showed up considering its been two weeks now. I was screwed the first time and I'll take the blame for that but this is bullshit. I appreciate you guys waiting for our flies as its going on a week past the due date. Normally I would apolagize for something like this but they definitly should have been there before the deadline, the mail carriers are really pissing me off considering it was very well packaged. Go ahead and send out all the flies. If they dont make it and they eventually come after everyone's got their flies, feel free to keep them.

  3. FINALLY GOT THEM!!! got home from shrimping today and had a package waiting for me. looks good as new so i am not sure why it took so long but they did arrive. I'll try to get them sorted and back out to those of you that sent SASEs.
    Thanks guys
  4. post some pics
  5. yeah i'll get right on that... ;)
  6. D3Smartie joked with me and asked me to put up the photos of our sculpin swap. I took photos of the flies and forgot until today to upload them. I think that I got them all tagged to the right players, but if not let me know and/or swap them around. I also don't find a photo of the ugly bunny jumbo conehead rattling sculpnasty that I tied. If anyone has a photo can you post it in the thread or gallery? Thanks.

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