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    Hmmmm.... think I'll add some rubber legs to my pattern.
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    Well... I guess I'm kind'a partial to the ratty look. I hope the trout are.

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    That looks killer Gene.
  4. Bradley Miller Dances with fish

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    Thats a cool looking pattern. I had some salt water sculpins in an aquarium or two back in the day; they are cool little fish and rather hard to catch. But they seem to hang out where searuns like to lurk, so I like to keep one or two in my box. Nice thread.
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    P4110283.JPG heres one
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    I published this one--the Knucklhead Sculpin--in Fly Tyer back in the mid 1980s, as part of a "Fast Sinking Steamers" piece. It's similar to contemporary scull head versions. The head is lead wire squashed with pliers, soaked in CA glue and then covered with floss (and then more glue). The other fly in that piece was called the Sockeye Shiner. I still make them both. The Knucklehead hasn't changed much. But the Sockeye Shiner has morphed considerably since then.


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    wow great patterns everyone!!!