Sea Lions shot on the Nisqually River

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  1. good thing the human population has yet to explode and impact native wildlife populations....heavens to mergatroid!
  2. Amazing!
  3. I've heard that seal meat tastes like chicken "chicken of the sea lion" BBQed, baked, fried in butter, mmmmm
  4. Fact is it has...what would be your recommendation to resolve this dilemma?
  5. BBQ, people ? I don't think so.
  6. Soylent Green...?
  7. I heard they weren't shot, but attacked by a pack of wolves.
  8. Dude! I almost posted something similar. That's mint! :rofl:
  9. solve it for who is the real question. this generation? while maintaining the status quo? then the answer is a resounding, "nothing". but if you want to solve it for future generations fairly radical sacrifices will have to be made. kill some sea-lions, i'm personally ok with that. but to frame the fundamental problem as being the "exploding populations" of sea lions seems revisionist imo.
  10. spectacular! arm yourselves!!!
  11. golden trout....i agree that modern humans are certaintly the most over populated animalr our earth has ever seen. and it is deffinitly sad that know one addresses the overpopulation of our own species, which like you said is the BIGGEST problem our earth faces. but for you to say we have no place in the food chain is bull shit. I AM A PREDETOR! as are all of you. and i would rather die then to give up my ancient right to kill and consume. we have a roll in natures balance it only takes a small look into our past to realize it
  12. i thought i would also say that shootin seals with a gun just because they got your fish is pretty sick and twisted
  13. The court decision raised a basic question: Why is it not O.K. for sea lions, who tend to cluster at the base of the Bonneville dam waiting for dinner to be delivered, to snack on as much as 4.2 percent of the salmon in the river when it is O.K. for human fishermen to catch four times as many?

    Pass the salt please!
  14. porter i agree there really isnt a problem with them being there, but if there isnt enough food for the population of seals, this means a certain quota would be expected to die of starvation, if thats the case why not let me eat those seals?
  15. Just stating facts. Their population has exploded; the reasons for which we can debate. What would your "fairly radical sacrifices" involve?
  16. I think we should kill 100 humans for every dead sea lion. The population has exploded and is reaching beyond carrying capacity. Tags should be issued where you either kill someone or kill yourself. Help the cause and save the fish
  17. Here's an idea. How about all you who believe evil, carbon emitting humans are the problem offer yourselves up as part of the solution. If you guys lead by example, we will follow... promise ;)
  18. killing sea lions, in light of of the value our society generally places on marine mammals, would be "fairly radical" (and i'm personally for it). others are obvious. but what they all "involve", as you ask, is ignoring the passionate cries/beliefs/claims/rights of some existing group with a stake in the issue. that's why the solution will be radical, or more likely, why there won't be a solution at all.
  19. Never did I say we weren't an important part of the food chain, that would be crazy. As a human that wants to survive I'd eat the last condor, sea lion and neighbor if I was all out of mastodon and tweenkies, just saying that we got the problem of not only being the top of the food chain, we have no predators on us.... except all you guys that keep getting stalked by cougars ..I'm not fishing with those who have a rare apex predator on their tails... And, extinction and mutation are why we are here and why we will leave.

    Problem is we've reached the time when some creatures are getting rare on our hands that we want to keep around for sport or food and it makes more sense to serve up a 1000 pound angus than the equivalant of
    1000 pounds of wild Quinault Steelhead..... or 4,000 rare bird x 4 oz.

    Hunting wild animals WILL come to an end one way or another..same with fishing, but it would be nice put that off a tad.
    Just my opinions...

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