Sea Lions shot on the Nisqually River

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Drag-Free Drift, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Probably because a -1 star isn't an option.
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    Yes I have seen THE GREY and I love the Hasselholf movie pitch idea! I have not laughed that hard all week. Thanks Dave Kaiserman!
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    Golden trout
    You do know by now that those SEA LIONS probabaly met there demise by THE ORIGIONAL commercial fishermen, they cut the belly so they sink and wash up too far away to make a determination of WHOM. Not that anything could be done other than investigate and possably find other OVER harvest infractions. One reason they don't just openly do it is public opinion. Peta loves them for killing not playin and if Peta or the public ever really knew what the hell was going on in reality the ORIGIONAL commercials would loose some gamblers and so on and so on till the whole world imploded from reality and them damned colonist would have caused it from way back in 1492.

    It would be cool to have the sea shepard run in a harrass the Nisqually tribe,, I could see it now a great fight, that speed boat running up on a 12 foot half sunk john boat with the engine cowling missing and all he has is a dead chum from two weeks ago and a bailer bucket, to throw at em....
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    Presumption is a nasty route. "Probably" reeks of problems and not very solid.
    The only thing that concerns me is a federal law is being broken and some bozos on here point blank condoning breaking federal laws.
    That's it. Laws are laws whether it's trespassing, rape, killing sea lions. Change them legally or abide by them.

    Same guys I bet cried like babies when the UK guy <u>LEGALLY</u> killed that Hoh native couple years back.bawling:
    Show of hands?? I am too afraid to go in archives and see the two timers.

    Change the law or abide by them, no crying.

    Opinions don't mean shit, fellas. Law is law.

    Just my take but seems following laws seems to be a minority on here and sort of sad.

    BTW, genetics probably had less to do with the 30# Hoh fish getting that big as much as plain luck in survival.
    But the true scientist and geneticist in the crowd know as much.

    I'm done with this one. Flame away.
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    So this is the guy in front of me in the fast lane! Red Prius, organic hummus and yogurt smoothie? Hell, I am thinking about passing you in the HOV lane Mr. Law Abidding Citizen! Nah, that couldn't possibly be you.... oops, "forgot" to signal a lane change? Yeah right!

    I love the guys that always throw "The Law" card out... Can't pick and choose which laws to obey!

    Zen... Charlie D. Romeo here! Miss ya brother! Last time I bumped into you was at Ted's in Lynnwood. Darkside eh?

    (sent via Blackberry on I-5 near Tukwila in the fast lane @77mph)
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    Yeah, most guys I see on their tops spinning in the median I figure
    were poking their blackberry...
    Karma, master Baitfisher........violins........... ladies

    Alot of bait slinging converts on this board
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    We need more laws.........................
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    I don't text, call, or rarely speed when driving- especially in these weather conditions. It makes drinking and driving that much more apparent behind the wheel! I have a tough enough time getting the top of the flask and staying between the dotted white lines! J/k of course.

    Orville Reddenbacher and Tabasco!

    Instead of counting sheep tonight to fall asleep, I will be clubbing... I certainly understand some hope I only get to a one or two count, looks like the majority want me to toss and turn :clown:
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    Can I be anybody's friend (other than goldentrout)?
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    I see things a lot differently than most on this board. I am also a hardcore troller in the Sound. For 35-plus years I spend upwards of 100-days a year on the water and I personally know how much of a burden seals can be. Within the last 5-years my gear fishing has slowed immensly because the pinniped population has exploded. They can be and have been overly aggressive to the point of putting a crew in a very dangerous situation rather quickly. I have had to beat back two seals that tried to jump in my 20-foot boat for a fish (nearly swamped me). I have had individual seals belly jump at or on the gunwhale at least a half dozen times, had to let go of a highend landing net because a seal ending up inside of the end, had to replace a lot of netting because they have attempted to get at the fish through the netting, and lost numerous salmon only to watch them rip the belly apart to get at the herring. Add all this up, filling a 55-gal fuel tank a couple times of month, and you'll soon feel the frustration many of us go through.

    I realize these seals may be hungry, but it more "high protein easy pickin's" for them - akin to seagulls hanging out at the city dump (or collecting unemployment for months on end) - than to chase down food on their own. Anglers have legal means to rid harassing pinnipeds, but anyone here successfully fired off a slingshot to a diving seal while fighting a fish solo? Probably have better resulting clapping with one hand!

    It is a rare 15-minutes you don't have at least one seal following the boat in the South Sound. Yes, they do know what boats to follow- smart bastards! Lord help you when you hook a fish. It is like the dinner triangle just went off at the ranch!

    I am going off memory, but some 7 or 8 years ago there were approximately 20 to 25 breeding pairs of seals on Gertrude Island (Marine Area 13). At last count, there were 10-times that number. What will those numbers be in the next 5-years? If anyone attended the WDFW rockfish meetings, even they (WDFW) admitted the population is a historic levels, yet their hands are tied.

    While I am somewhat saddened by the actions of some, though not surprised, I do not plan on losing any sleep over a few seals.
    What is surprising is the amount of press and backlash from the shooting of a few seals. How much press did any of our fishing clubs receive when WDFW wanted to restrict fishing methods, depths, times, limits, and impose numerous marine preserves (it's coming though presently on the back burner) through Puget Sound (which will affect all fishing methods btw) on rockfish? Even with an "admitted" overpopulation of seals, whose diet consist of nearly 40-percent groundfish, doesn't want to petition the feds to cull a few of these pests only to save the hassle from animal right's groups.

    Even though I ribbed him, the best thread reply so far goes to gldntrt40 with his reply with words to the effect of, "man is the most destructive." I wholeheartedly agree! While I don't have the answers or the "cure-all" solution(s) to our fishieries, one thing is for sure.. Man is the most destructive- in more than one way. Perhaps the worst thing we are doing is not collectively coming together, regardless of perferred fishing methods, interests or ideas, to be one voice and combat logging practices, quotas, restoration projects, dams, etc. Instead there are several smaller interest groups that involve themselves at the time they feel appropriate, based on interests or needs. There is a lot of common ground in the fishing community, but does it have to be so hard? Does anyone think we are going to fix the bigger issues with small numbers of people? Although some small fires have been put out, many are still smoldering... We are being heard, but not loud enough!
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    View attachment 48035

    It's been a long time since I've encountered lawful neutral in the real world. I should probably ask for an autograph.

    Some of us aren't content to let the government dictate morals and ethics to us. Especially given their...err...track record. I don't condone wanton killing of sea lions, at least where people can overhear it. And I understand that law is what holds the loose threads of a society together...loosely. But relying on law as the sole basis of moral judgement is poorly done, in my opinion. And without dissension, none of those laws would ever change. So it's far more complex than "abide by it or change it."
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    Depends on where you take me fishing and what I catch...(it's all about quid pro quo, dude).
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    Flyborg your old Dungeons and Dragons days are coming out. I have not hear Lawful Neutral in some time, love it.
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    My lucky fishing shirt reads, "Carpe DM, Seize the Dungeon Master!"
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    baitfish, thanks for givin some info about current seal populations i was really hopin somone would. and i dont think any one here would blame you for killin a seal in self defense. i know i wouldnt hesitate, every living thing has a right to defend thier lives regardless of modern, political, bullshit. i plan on talkin to a couple tribes to see if a cerimonial canoe sealhunt is a possibility. if the makahs can gun down whales im pretty sure we can make this happen with the right approach
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    Fish are at single percents of historic numbers, seals and sea lions should be too, not well over their historic numbers. Washington should do what some states do for deer hunting, you have to tag a doe before tagging a buck. Dead marine wildlife should be tagged before being able to punch that salmon card. How's that for incentive??
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    honestly i think any general season would be overkill and a poor managment strategy. theres just not enough seals to support general season. but there is plenty for special permit hunts similar to mountain goats and moose, weapon restriction are a must to prevent wasting the seal, you have to get them attatched to line before a fatal blow is gavin, otherwise your chances are very slim on retrieving the seal. hence why the traditional way is best.
  19. Brian White Recovering Bugmeister/Troutlandish?

    Want a suspect for the sea lion killings? Japanese whaling vessels lying offshore, deploying ninja assasins to dispatch sea lions! Think about it - who has motive for getting Sea Shepherd to spend funds on activities other than whaling prevention? Wakarimasu ka? Sea Shepherd interecepted the below email message. Note that their PC translation software might need some upgrades...

    From: Yushin Maru "Research Ship"
    To: HQ, Osaka, Japan
    Subject: Macho business sea lion wrestler

    "Long time we try to catch whale for pure research purposes - but many days whale delectable no come to our harpoon tip. But do we worry? A thousand times no! We have fancy plans - and pants to match. Our loins, ribboned with opulence of dragon fat, will demonstrate super karate death grip on Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd will feel our monkey-strong bowels taking wealth piles larger than a great mountain of buffalo. Dung. Dung. The lion-of-the-sea must suffer before the first day of cherry blossoms come to Himeji castle."

    Food for thought.
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