Sea Lions shot on the Nisqually River

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  2. Words you can depend on...

    Judge: Why did you fire that gun into the sea lion killing it?

    Defendent: Your honor, I was in fear for my life.
  3. Baitfish is spot on! I gear fish for king salmon a lot and have for the last twenty years in area 11 and the seal population is ridiculous! Seals do follow you all the time while you are trolling and will even go down 40 feet behind the boat to check your gear everyonce in a while and pop back up and continue to follow your boat. Losing 6 to 10 kings a year personally to seals in recent years and watching everyone else have the same problem is extremely frustrating especially when its hard enough to catch a damn king salmon in the south sound anymore becasue there are so few. Not to mention when trying to net your salmon you end up with a pissed off seal in your net that was in hot pursuit of your fish. Or when you are trying to revive and release a "wild" king salmon (which in the south sound = unclipped hatchery fish) and you have a seal damn near rip your arm off trying to get an easy meal.

    It is not a good situation and it is not getting any better. Everyone wonders why the survival rate of our salmon runs are way down. When in my opinion part of the problem is increased predator populations from juvenile salmon eating birds to seals and sea lions. Obviously there are other factors that are contributing to the decline of our runs ( habitat degradation, commercial fishing, poor hatchery practices etc.....) but to say that the explosion of predators especially in puget sound is not part of the problem is crazy. And as Baitfish mentioned seals and seal ions don't just eat salmon and herring they eat a lot of rock fish as well which are ESA listed in puget sound I believe and are closed to sport harvest.
  4. Good first hand input. Thanks for your perspective

  5. This now evolved to a nice shot of three generations, maybe two or three
  6. I guess I need to make this clear... I have never killed a seal, nor will I. The incident in which I had to "beat" two seals were shouldn't be taken literally either. I had just lifted/netted a fish over the side and one seal came over the transom and the other off the quarter. I used the butt of my rod to keep them from coming in the boat. Wasn't about to whack 'em over the skull with a $400 gear rod nor get my hands close to a mouth!

    It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or worse, and it wouldn't surprise me if some of the solo boating accidents in recent memory were caused by a seal's aggressiveness.

    I am not one to point fingers, but I will ask if any one has ever stumbled across dead seals around netting time on any of our beaches? Seems pretty "CO-WINK-A-DINK" to me, but I usually see one or two dead seals within 50-yards of a pile of carcasses every year. Here's one near the Ollala area that appeared to be stabbed in the belly area:


    I reported it, but nothing ever came of it. Not even a courtesy return call!

    I am going to dig around through some research papers I did for the rockfish meetings. Anyone want to take a guess how much fish, average weight in pounds, a Puget Sound pinniped needs to eat per day? You'll be shocked! Multiple that number by the current seal population... Multiply that number by 365-days... Huston, we have a problem!
  7. Leave the wildlife alone. People have the right to defend themselves, but that should not be translated into a "ceremonial seal hunt". We are in THEIR world and nature will balance itself out. THe seals, birds, whales etc are not responsible for the decline in fish Mr. Toolshed, the people are.That kind of mentality will lead to nothing being left. If there were no rules in place, everything would be WIPED out.

    It just amazes me the ignorance that is displayed sometimes.
  8. I say they are in my world. We didn't drop in here from some other planet. Like it or not people are just as much a part of the enviroment as any other animal living on this planet.
  9. seals natural predetors are sharks whales and humans. our species has been hunting seals for thousands of years long before modern man took over. so if you take out one of thier few NATURAL PREDETORS thier populations will rise thats common sense not ignorence. if its ok to bring wolves back to create a balanced ecosystem (not saying over populated wolves are balanced) why not use this same strategy to balance out the seals over population. hunting sea mammals is being done 7 months out of the year in parts of the artic by eskimoes and theres no shortage of seals there. hmm i wonder why? maybe because seals and humans are linked in the food chain as are seals and salmon. before white men got to the coast every tribe by saltwater used ceder canoes to take seals and when lewis and clark got here there were very healthy population of seals... explain that ignorance trout guy
  10. im glad to see many on here can see through the political bullshit around hunting seals. fact is they are a big game animal with huntable populations and very edible meat very usefull hides and nutritious fat. but many will never know what it means to be human and there ancestors im sure are disgusted.... i know i am
  11. I agree. . .we should totally whack those sunzabitches,

  12. Dont need butter--they come prebasted with all that blubber.


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