Sea-run Cutt Report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jeff Hale, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. That second fish is a solid cuttie. nice job, dude! Jeff
  2. What is that rod that you have in the looks dated. ;)
  3. Beautiful fish!
    The glass rod, Pflueger & spider are nice, classic touches too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. The "classic" aesthetic isn't due to any sentimental appreciation for antique gear, but is more out of necessity... not enough dough to upgrade at the moment. I took up fly fishing a few months ago due to the mixed blessing of an extended unemployment. The rod and reel belonged to my dad and had been stashed away in the garage for years, but are still totally functional.

    So the equipment definitely catches fish, but I have to say that I'm pretty anxious to see what a graphite rod will do for my casting distance!
  5. Looks like you're casting far enough already!
  6. Got out to the Hood Canal this morning to take advantage of the first sun in what seems like weeks. Hooked up with four cutties, plus a bunch of missed strikes.

    I threw on a popper towards the end to see if they'd give chase. Had one guy charge after it towards the beach and miss three times (lucky for him). Another couple guys actually hit it, but I think I didn't strip set the hook properly because they spit it quickly. That popper sure it interesting to use, but difficult to master.

    In short, it was a calm sunny day with views of the Olympics and the fish were biting:thumb:. Plus, I came across this dungeness crab who was patrolling the shallows and laying waste to all these smaller crabs, pulling off their arms and legs and generally just being a jerk. It was pretty intense to watch.
  7. Cool pic, and nice report, was certainly a nice sunny day to get out. Not to nit-pick your photo, but I think that's a red-rock crab. They're just as tasty as dungys (to me), but harder to crack and get to their meat! Suckers have some thick shells. They're like little red tanks.
  8. oh yeah, you're right about the crab. It's been years since I went crabbing with my dad, and I forgot how much more orange the dungeness are...
  9. John B: Way to get out there and get into some fish! I need to get out this weekend and get my fix. I like the report about the crab too, that's part of what just being out there is, taking in the surroundings. ibn: Those Rock crabs are like little red tanks! And tasty tanks at that! But they make you work for it.
  10. nice work!
    i cant find the cutties lately
    (fished the kp )
    but last src took a large sculpin w/ rabbit strip tail on a outbound
    exact setup landed a fat 14 inch bow on the yak a month ago
  11. Cant find them either...and i think my dads old fly line is on its last leg....the front is kind startin to not float completely lol
  12. MA Taylor, your line probably needs cleaning. As a floating fly line is used it picks up dirt, algae, and minerals, and it looses its ability to float, especially if water seeps in from the tip where it was cut and not re-sealed.

    Soak in diluted dish soap and warm water, and wipe by pulling through a damp sponge; dry by pulling through a soft cloth. If the line is pretty old, it may need dressing as well. Newer lines have dressing built in for floatation and slickness for ease of casting, older lines need to have it applied occasionally. Of course your local fly shop has all the stuff you need to do both jobs and can tell you if it needs dressing.

    If the line is not fraying, cracking, or contains major abrasions, should be good to go after cleaning. Now that that excuse is gone, go catch some fish! :)
  13. hooked a nice lil coho today out of the kayak
    no cutts
    at least i got the skunk off
  14. I did clean it up and dressed it. It is 17 year old line...but hey...i have been getting out still but havent come up with anything yet. It will have to do for now :)

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