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  1. I fished from about 11 AM to 2 PM today (Sunday) somewhere north of Silverdale. It had been a while since I had chased some favorite cutthroats. I tresspassed up the beach (I assume) in front of some nice fancy homes. Fishing a short time on the way with a couple of light hits with the Squimp. Moving up the beach I found some nice moving incoming tide in front of the beautiful brick home. I made a few casts and the owner, whom I had seen working outside came on over and said hello and asked whether I caught any. I told him I had just started not long ago. I asked if it was ok if I fished his beach. He asked where I was from. When I replied he said "Sure" with a little hesitation in his voice. He asked my name also. So I asked his too. I thanked him for letting me fish on his beach. Shortly after he went back to his chores I hooked up with several nice cutthroat in the 12-13" range, then landed a beautiful 16"+. I had just switched to my Popcicle Stick just before hooking into the larger fish. I moved up the beach to kind of a cove area where the tide slows a bit but pushes really nice around the point I was fishing at.
    I proceeded to slam fish landing about a dozen 12-14". I hooked up with 3 good fish that each came unbuttoned and I know were all over 16 inches, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. It was a "good" day. All the fish were strong as heck. I normally use a dry line, but was using an intermediate today in the stronger moving tide. I intend to send the guy a letter in the mail thanking him for letting me fish his beach, hoping I can use it again.

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  2. whats that popsicle stick fly your talking about?
  3. Larry:

    Sounds like you had a very productive day. It is always a "treat" to be able read a report about sea-run cutthroat fishing on Puget Sound and appears that you have the northern Hood Canal area fisheries pretty well "dialed in".

  4. Good report Larry.

  5. Here ya go Pat. This is my "go to" fly. Quite simple, but can be deadly. You can add eyes also, or tie it as a stinger. The thread is hot pink. Popsicle Sticks.jpg PS2.jpg PS3.jpg
  6. Great report! Grats on the fun and for being a concientious individual!
    Looking to go out for my first time probably Wednesday and those flies look good, I think I will tie me a few, what size hook are those if you don't mind me asking?
  7. nice. 1+ on the share. I tie a few bucktaits in a similar fashon. Have you tried purple over red over white. I also like a few strands of krystal flash on the back, it really makes it pop.
  8. Larry, thanks for the report. Glad you found them thick and heavy.
  9. Nice fish Larry, I've got some of your Popsicle Sticks ready for Resident Coho, boy I need to get out and fish.
  10. Steve, resident coho love those also. We still have to get together. It appears I won't be around this coming weekend tho.

    Eyejuggler. Those are tied on #6 for cutthroat.
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  11. Sounds as though you had a really good day, Larry. The idea of the letter sounds really courteous as well. That might get you back in the gate the next time.
  12. Way to go Larry, great day for sure! Everyone should have a few popsicle sticks in their box.
  13. Thanks for the report and pics. Those are nice ties, Larry. I'm going to have to tie up a couple and try 'em out. That pink and green combo was working well on jigs (w/black heads) for Chehalis River tidewater Coho back in early Oct.
  14. Nice fish Larry. Josh and I tried a few spots south of Silverdale today without as much success. I landed one average fish and josh got a few bumps. Tried a new beach that looks good at first but just didn't have any current. We're planning to head back out tomorrow to find some more!
  15. Finally hooked a few SRC on Saturday in MA12 on the outgoing tide. Only touched a few fish but beginner's luck was with me as my fish (ever in the salt) was over 22'. Hooked on an olive/white clouser pattern I picked up a the Gig Harbor Fly Shop the day before.

    I had the benefit of fishing from my buddy's boat and I'm hoping to get out again this weekend (on foot or by boat) if I can.

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  16. Wow! Thats a PIG!
  17. On the alluminum deck?
  18. Pop sickle. Those just look like they would catch fish. Going to tye up a few to drop in the Cut box. Do you get more hits with the eyes, or without?
  19. I got a note from another forum member letting me know that having a fish on deck like I did can severely hurt its chances for survival. I didn't realize the severity (although now that I've done some searches on this forum I realized its a prevalent topic) of doing that and will make sure to take every effort in the future to keep fish I'm releasing in the water. Releasing trout on the river as a kid we normally brought em up on deck in the net to remove the hook...

    Lesson learned and thanks for the feedback.

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  20. Well then
    Congratulations on a beautiful fish

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