Sea Run Cutthroat flys

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by PNWflyfisher, Jan 1, 2014.

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    So I have been trying Clousers and other minnow patterns lately with not much luck. I have also tried spiders and reverse spiders in many variations. Today I tried an orange beaded woolly and it killed!! I never would have thought this would have worked. Are there any other similar color patterns and flies I should know about?
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    You should try Polychaete worm imitations. You can find them at the Gig harbor fly shop , smaller versions of it are called snot darts, which you can also find there as well.
    Rolled muddler minnows at Orvis in Bellevue and muddler minnows in brown in olive in size 6 and 8 that resemble sculpins, some shops call them they chumpy fry. You can find those at Creekside angler in Issaaquah and the Avid angler in Bothel or any fly shop. You should also try sand lance in june to august and chum babies in march through april

    Epoxy shiner is found in most fly shop catalogs such as feather craft and LL Bean
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    Just before Christmas, a good friend (a non fly-fisher) told me that his son wanted to try fly fishing for sea run cutthroat and asked if I would tie up some cutthroat flies that he could give to his son as a Christmas present. He also was giving him a rod and reel. I said yes, of course, and after some thought I came up with a group of flies which I consider to be basic proven patterns for Puget Sound Sea Runs. They are: Clouser, Miyawaki Popper, Chum Baby, Flatwing, Euphasid, Polychaete worm, Lambuth Candlefish, and a Knudson Spider.
    There are countless other patterns to choose from and you will receive many suggestions. But, one has to start somewhere. I think that a guy equipped with these basic patterns would do very well.
    These patterns can usually be found in our local fly shops if you aren't a fly tier.

    Something to think about. Just a suggestion. I am no expert.
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    You will find some time-proven SRC patterns in these books. Must- have reading for SRC fisherman. There are other books out there but these are the basic ones.
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    Is that you Jonathan? If it is, then from my experience the fish where we fish like generally bigger bait fish patterns, at minimum I fish 2" in length, that is minimum, most of my patterns are longer. I experiment allot in that area and have thrown nearly everything at them. They love wooly buggers with gold bead heads and then general sparsely tied baitfish patterns and from my experience the flies with eyes, big eyes get more attention.

    I've been fishing this beach for quite a few years now, consistently and sometimes it's on like Donkey Kong and sometimes it's not at all. They also vary from area to area along the beach, where we fish there is lots of room for them for cruising and staging, there are many depressions for them to hangout in to catch whatever food they are after drifting by.

    Another thing is that when the tide starts to roll in either direction it tends to rip pretty hard so an intermediate line helps, or at least a hover line... Check the Rio Outbound lines.

    Now, if this isn't you Jonathan, then you can still try what I shared here on your local beach whomever you may be and you may still be into them more often.
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