Sea-Run Cutthroat - Silver?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ZachMatthews, Mar 30, 2006.

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    there are a few lakes here in SE AK that the minimum size limit for a keeper cutt is 25" I plan on winning the lottery then hiring float planes to take me to those lakes
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    Most of the waters between say mid oregon and well cook inlet are a)recently covered in ice b) quite small and sterile or c) big glacial rivers all three are not particularly suitable locals for resident fish hence the lack of resident rainbows or cuttthroats. Cutthroats probablly populated the coastal area since the end of the last iceage probably coming from the columbia drainage, they like everything else adapted to their enviroment and filled the same niche as dollies. Most of the streams that have SRCs don't naturally have resident rainbows because they are too young or too sterile (they also don't have resident cutts, or dollies) to survive and thrive the fish must go to sea, when rainbows go they get big when cutts go they don't if you were a big steelhead would you spawn with a puny cutthroat? probably not, hence your lack of interbreeding.

    assuming kokanee do the same thing as sockeyes heres my advice:

    fish riffles, flats, and pocket water, avoid pools (this might not apply here sockeyes chase trout out of pools kokanee might not do that) fish a single 6mm bead in light pink or rootbeer above a bear hook use just enough split shot so you can see it ticking the bottom every once in a while but not enough that you get snaged a bunch. Fish behind paired up kokanee, sight fish to individual bows etc. a good dead drift is key as it not spooking the fish. Fish early in the run when often time the bows get so full of salmon eggs that they won't move to eat or eat at all, I usually fish 2 or 3 weeks before the peak spawn. Practice those techniques on your stalker farm ponds as practice for the real deal up here.

    I had one fish steal a fly line and caught the biggest resident rainbow of my life (32 inch steely my biggest mykiss)
    different fish note bead melted to a hook deadly cheap and legal in fly fish only waters in ak
    and never overlook the esl this dolly woulnd't hit beads so I switched and fist cast boom!
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    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    is that a keani king?

    that migratory silver is considered a feeder in prince william sound because its still feeding (see how the scales are falling off) and we get 15 cents a pound for em, think about that next time you pay $10 + for coho :confused:

    nice fish btw

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