Sea Run Cutthroat Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by LeakyTiki, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Okay LT, mine are all done...even threw in couple extra for the swapmiester himself. You live so close the mail will purposely take just an extra day to go from Lk. Stevens to Bothell just to piss me off, damn postal dudes!!!!
    Come on guys lets get these puppies done so I can see me portion...

  2. Mine are done & will be mailed tomorrow...:thumb
  3. Mine are in the mail.
  4. Leaky Tiki:
    Mailed 13 flies to you this afternoon. Thanks for putting on the SRC fly swap. Looking foreward to see and use the other flies.
  5. Sea Run Cutthroat Swap Update

    Hi guys,

    This swap is off to a blazing start!

    I recieved packages today from both KerryS. and r.stephens. Nice work dudes:thumb

    Harleydeen, fishboy and lefty loops have all finished theirs as well.

    If the rest of us, myself included, get on the ball we can wrap this thing up early. We shall see.

    Keep them flies comin',

    You know what would taste good on a day like this? :beer2
  6. It would be awesome if you somehow could/would take pictures of the flies you get and post them on this website for all to see!:thumb
  7. Just finished. Send them out soon.
  8. Madison Angler,

    Good to hear you finished your flies up, good going:thumb

    I finished mine up this afternoon as well.

    I have not received any packages since Kerrys and r.stephens but I'm sure more will be showing up soon.

    Tight Lines,
  9. If all goes to plan I hope to have mine out by tomorrow.
  10. Sorry Leaky, I just got back from vacation and forgot to mail them. They'll be in the mail tomorrow. :beer2

    Update! Mailed 7/30/04:thumb
  11. LeakiTiki mine should be in the mail tomorrow. Had them done last week but, gaffed it off. Sorry, I thought that they weren't due til around the 20th of the month...
  12. No worries Randy,
    They due date is not till the 20th of August. You have plenty of time. Everyone was just hot to go on this swap it seemed and were getting 'em done early.
    I look forward to see what you came up with as the last swap we were in together I recall yours were very nice.
    Fishboy,madison, and fishingjunky,and everyone else I look forward to yours too. :smokin

  13. Did you get mine today? I don't have much faith in the postal service after the streamer swap...

    SRC Swap Update:

    It was like Christmas in August today as I received packages from Fishboy, Speyflyfisher, and fishingjunky17

    Awesome job guys,:thumb


    Heh there LT got my sent off today...the wife said she put a dollar in there for postage even though I don't think postage from Lk. Stevens to Bothell should cost that much. If you want just reverse the addresses on the padded envelope I sent them in. I hope everyone enjoys my cutt-baits.


    Most Honorable Leakyness,
    Just got my flies in the mail tues. Sorry they have been done for awhile, just lazy.
    Mine might be a little small and sparse compared to some,
    but will catch fish well in low water (especially Stilly
    mainstem ).
    Also sent a few experimental reverse spiders for the Miester.
    Looking forward to getting everybody elses flies.
    later Doug

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