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  1. Heading out this weekend for a few nights at Scenic Beach State Park MA12 and would like to get out and fish a bit for some Cutthroat. I’m restively new to salt water fishing and if I’m reading the regs correctly salmon season is close in this area until Sept. 1s t (North of Ayock Point). The question is if Cutthroat are legal to fish year round and if I’m targeting Cutthroat and I’m approached by the fish game department can I get into trouble by telling that I’m fishing for Cutthroat. Also what if I hook into a salmon.

    Any advice.
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  2. If you're using a 8wt he might not buy you're story, he would just think you're crazy for using such a large rod for cutt's. If you're using 5wt or 6wt there won't be a problem. If you catch a coho, no big deal just let it go. You don't have anything to worry about, go fish, have fun and good luck...

  3. We have "selective gear rules",(barbless hooks etc.), and catch and release rules, to provide for targeting one species when another species, which may be present at that time, is closed to fishing or harvest. Trout fishing is open in Washington Marine waters "year-round, catch and release, except two hatchery steelhead may be retained". All wild trout, ( Cutthroat or Steelhead),must be released without avoidable injury.

    So, as long as you are sea run cutthroat trout fishing, using appropriate tackle and techniques etc., you should have no problem. Any salmon that you might catch, in an area closed to salmon fishing, must be released as well. We do this all of the time.
  4. Thanks i'll be on the water this weekend.

  5. Caught an 18" sea run, on the first cast with a new rod at Scenic a few years back.

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