Sea runs in Port Townsend?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Banzai, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. I'm planning on attending the fly show in PT on Saturday and would like to toss a couple of flies around on the beach up there. Suggestions for a stretch of sand to start on? See y'all there for breakfast? lunch? brew/dinner after the show?:beer2: :beer1: :thumb:
  2. if you're fishing off of sand i'm 99% sure you arent in the best possible spot.
  3. Actually, I've had a fair amount of luck from the sand over eelgrass beds.
  4. You might do well on the beach around the Marine Science Center dock at Fort Worden State Park. Also Fort Flagler State Park, out on Marrowstone Island has some good beach opportunities. Old Fort Townsend State Park, just before Port Townsend on route 19, has some beach access on the cove.

    The access to the Chimacum Beach estuary is closed at this time for a restoration project.

    Dont forget that many cutthroat are spawning at this time. And there is nothing wrong with giving them a little slack for a few weeks so they can recover well.

    See you at the Show!
  5. Where in PT is the show held, what is the entrance fee, and what are the hours? Who all is going? I would like to take Max (5 year old fish maniac) up there to see it all. Would love to meet some other members. :) Jeff
  6. Thanks for the tips Bob. Super-fly. The show will be held at the County Fairgrounds. Admission is I think, $8.00.
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  7. Super Fly, look at the Events Forum and the Calendar for Expo details!

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