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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by gt, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. gt

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    any of you blue water folks have links to sites which publish ocean surface temperatures?? the only one i have been able to find is 'marine weather underground'. this link provides data from off shore bouys and fixed base stations.

    links to satellite obtained surface temps over a wider area are what i am looking for. i will continue exploration but, any links you may have already discovered are appreciated.
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  3. Willie Bodger

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    That's pretty cool, makes me really wish I had a boat...
  4. gt

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    still searching for a site which posts uptodate infrared surface temps. NOAA has some interesting data but still no cigar.
  5. Chris Scoones

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    Those charts are helpful but to date I've only found the one's worth using offered for fee. The data is available, I think, so it may be something I'll look into producing. Pretty select FF'ing crowd that would use it. I would, at least once a year when heading out buoy 10 for albacore.

  6. gt

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    well chris, you read my mind :D the chart you posted is exactly what i am looking to find only a bit further norte.