Seahawk wooly bugger

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  1. What do you guys think?
    I've been tying for about 4 years and just started back up since last season preparing for the season and still love to get feed back from you more experienced tiers.

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  2. I have a similiar pattern with black being the base colour called The Patrol Car so, yes, you will get lots of fish on that pattern. Well done.
  3. Looks like a world champion! Nice!
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  4. That won't work, cause fish will be afraid of it biting back.

    If you were to make it orange and blue..... then it would get devoured.
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  5. Pretty fly...too bad it will take at least 38 fishing seasons before it actually catches a fish.
  6. Ohh but when it does it will be a super big one!
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  7. And accompanied by a lot of trash-talkin!
  8. You might find it emblazoned on a tee shirt, some guy is selling out of a tent, at the launch ramp.

    I like the fly. I bet it will work.

    Of course I never met an Olive Bugger I didn't like.
  9. Like it, oughta smash any 49er that swims by
  10. It's all 'bout dat action, boss!
  11. Looks good to me but the fish are the only ones with a valid opinion :)
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  12. It's a great looking fly, but it will never catch fish. It scrambles way too well and its D is Shermazing!!
  13. try 2 or 3 colors of marabou in the tail and BLUE\green flASH in the tail. mike w
  14. add some silver flashabou to represent the Lombardi trophy! 2 strands will be nice, one for this year's trophy and one for next year's :rolleyes:

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