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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sean Beauchamp, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. due to budget cuts and excess and reckless spending (fishing and travel related) the banking bully known as wachovia has repossessed the fishing rig.

    so if your passing through marysville to do some fishing after 3:30pm weekdays and anytime during the weekend. PM a brotha.

    gas, beer, and flies will surely offset your costs.

    ive got extra gear (waders, tubes, fins, rods) too. lets fish. ive been in europe for the past 12 days and havent fished in 2 weeks. im at about a 6 right now. none of us want to see me at a 10.

    i need to fish..... :beathead:
  2. If I'm headed up your way anytime soon I will let ya know. Sorry about your situation man. I can help a brotha out if I get up your way. You supply the beer and were golden. :beer1:
  3. its all good. i hated making that car payment anyways. fucking banks. at least now it will be easier to save money for more fishing travels. last i checked, brown trout dont give a shit about your credit score.

    when life gives you lemons you paint that shit gold. :cool:
  4. I'll take you to Martha if you show me the sweet spots on the lake, and bring beer. :thumb:
  5. ...they would stop acting like a silly bitch, they would respect the cock whether or not they believed in it...

    love it.
  6. Yeah, if you want I'm in marysville (dopeysville) if you need a ride some place for fishing.
  7. Are those two quotes from Eastbound and Down?

  8. Atmosphere.
  9. Way off...
  10. sean, Call me. Dipshit. You know you always ride free in my shiiiiet..........

    p.s. I am buying a subaru. I would have bought yours if i knew it was getting repod
  11. fuck my life.

    picked up all my shit out of it yesterday and sat in it for the last time. 2 years and 60,000 miles of fishing adventures. gosh darn it!

    but then i went to pacific and casted a bunch of rods. funny how seeing the backing knot fly through the guides makes everything all better.

    pm me and we can exchange numbers. but in a strictly hetero way please. ahem..... jesse.
  12. my car is at the bar :( now i gotta walk and get it. but i will be on my way shortly after to get you. answer your gf's phone.
  13. hahaha, I am jacks smirking the handle....good fight club ref.
  14. i like men
  15. akward! lol
    but if you end up bozeman on some odd rideshare program, i will pick you up and hit the rivers. I am just going to ignore that last comment.
  16. PM sent. but what did you mean completely hetero?

    Dont you follow the rules of the road? (think jay + silent bob)

    Ass, gas, or beer. Nobody rides completely free.
  17. heading up your way right now to fish the sauk, i know it's last minute, but i have room

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