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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sean Beauchamp, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. dammit!

    uuhh.. that was ryan (I am Jacks Colon.)

    son of a bitch.
  2. lies. you could have stopped me.

    i am looking forward to the drinkin game, need a ride?

    btw, we are going boarding the next day too, hope bri told you.
  3. Yea im looking forward to saturday at pass bringing the ole drift boat up, should be fun. Im not sure if I should go with the old trusty coors or maybe a little malt liquer. Any thoughts? :beer1:
  4. Tecate, for the NON- GRINGOS like myself.
  5. you're not a mexican, you're a mexican't
  6. i like 40's cause you can cap em. which is nice in a tube. plus it adds an almost infinite amount of street cred. which, as we know, is 90% of fly fishing.

    jesse. why are you even replying to this thread and this talk about our chiro drinking event??? im pretty sure you were just trying to con me into a dry side adventure this weekend via PM you friggin ape.

    tuck your tool up. pass lake. saturday. its gonna be EPIC. literally.
  7. you know what never occurred to me sitting in your extra float tube spilling beer in my lap all day long while fishing, 40's, friggin idiot. well its a good thing we had the jameson and captain mo. i think we need to pick up a case of PBR 40's before we roll out there. might get thirsty. :beer1:
  8. mickeys grenades are the shiiiiet. they were made for float tubes.
  9. ha 40s add street cred which is 90% of flyfishing, i about pissed myself laughing. sat. is gonna be fun the motley crew of flyfishing the quiet sport hahaha.
  10. If I come I'm bringing a video camera and lots of batteries. I might even bring a spare video card and leave the fly rod home. I'm thining I'll be paying Uncle Sam's ass off with some extortion money.
  11. Film what you want. But always remember the cardinal rule. "snitches get stitches"
  12. Easy Jeffe, calmate! I'm just saying when I'm in need of some of them killer flies you tied up for the trip I might have a video file to delete in trade. I'm not going fully blown on you...just trying to get in on the right techniques and stuff. Besides I've waited a long time to get a chance to fish with you, why not film the occasion?
  13. i wanna see jesse in a float tube. matter of fact, the one i borrow from sean. its gotta be good. sean?
  14. HAHA. Hopefully you know i'm playing around Mumbles. It just occurred to me that I have never met you and that may have been a little over the top. I am headed to lenice this weekend fellas, but I hope you all have a good time. Mumbles, We will get a chance to fish soon. And you can check out my personal fly "the oprah winfrey" anytime.
  15. personallly, im a bigger fan of the barack obama. that was a neat pattern.

    i dont know why east or west is such a big decision for you. it would be cheaper for you to get skunked at pass anyways. i mean why drive further to still catch nothing?
  16. The fish are safe if Jesse is after them, especially if they are genetically related to a Steelhead Trout. I am thinking about doing Lenice on Friday... I will give you a report, and might even give you a fly or two if you treat me nice.
  17. Nice. Thanks Mikey.
  18. You must have me confused with evan burke.

    Although I admit, I did get skunked on pass last time. I just needed to get my mind right. A jetboil, makers mark, and apple cider would have done the trick in febuary
  19. El Jeffe, no chapped butt here man. We almost fished some beaches last fall, but then I took another job and worked two full timers for too many months. All that money for the bank is now going to the damned IRS that says I did not pay enough before. Don't they realize where the freaking poverty line is and I've got one foot on each side of it...bastards.

    Anyway, yes, we'll fish. I'd like to see your "little" friend Oprah but only while inserted deftly into the upper jaw of a big ass brown trout.

    Makers Mark? Slowly gaining a taste appreciation for that myself.
  20. All you will see is the pretty little fly, the "Oprah". Jesse has a nick name "Pepe' ".

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