Searun Squid

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  1. I've been looking at squid patterns on the net and decided to figure something out on my own. This is really a combo of ideas taken from other flies but incorporating the use of one of my favorite materials, UV Knot sense.
    The tail starts with a few white hackles, then a few UV silly legs, some glow in the dark flashibu, and finally a large white saddle hackle wrap. Slide on a piece of Mylar tube, tie down at the end, whip finish and cut. Then tie down the tubing again at the front, whip and cut. Apply some eyes and coat the whole thing with the knot sense. Then I use a black marker to apply some spots to the tail.
    I took these down to the cutt hole a few minutes from my house and slayed em today! Many fish to hand and even more missed strikes. They were eager to eat and the size of the fish were much larger than I usually catch at the same place. Biggest fish today was probably 16" and was a nice way to break in my new xi3. :thumb:

  2. They look good, what hook is that?

    How are you liking the Xi3' did you get the 5 or 6 wt.?
  3. Thanks.
    Its a 6wt xi3, I like it a lot! This will be my go-to stick for rezzies, pinks, early coho and cutties in the wind.
    Don't remember what the hook is for sure, but If I were to guess its a Daiichi 2451. A longer shank hook would be ideal, but its what I had.
  4. :beathead: Double post. Sorry
  5. Went back to the same beach this afternoon and fooled all the same fish again ;)
  6. squid.jpg love squid patterns ssquid.jpg
  7. I have been told that before
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