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  1. There were 4 of us lined up on the beach thigh deep at PNP and good ol' Lion just about mowed over the first two and we just looked with amazement as a 15lb salmon was booking it between us and the beach. No body saw it coming. Woke me up!
  2. I saw an Orca take a sea lion at Ft Casey about 10 years ago. There were about a dozen fishermen there and once our jaws stopped dropping we gave that Orca a whole lot of verbal support.
  3. Awesome stories guys!

    I don't know what to think for sure, haven't had the big bad sea lion encounters (yet), but I'm mostly down with the "it was chasing a fish" theory but that could be optimism.

    I'll treat these guys like I treat the brown bears in Alaska: give 'em room and remember that it is their fishing ground and I am just visiting.
  4. I had lots of encounters with sea lions over the years when I was surfing. The big ones can be a bit unnerving when they get up close.

    I had a medium sized one swim underneath my board from behind and grab a steelhead that was trying to hide from it underneath me, and when the beast went right between my legs, knocking them outward, I nearly jumped out of my wetsuit. This was in the corner by the jetty at Westhaven, in late Dec in the early 90's.
    When the sea lion surfaced with the fish in its mouth, my surf buddy (an experienced steelhead fisherman) was only 10 or 15 feet away and he positively ID'ed it as steel. It was a chromer.
    Up until that point, I was unaware of the nature of the drama going on under the surface. We saw the sea lions (three of 'em) working after something, as they were swimming around just outside the break. But that was (is) a common occurrence, and we paid them no mind.

    The big bulls really make me nervous, as I consider all major predators to be individuals, who may not behave according to how we expect them to, based on what we think we know about their behaviors. Who knows if they are relatively "crazy" or what?

  5. Had a harbor seal swim up beside me once while fishing in a river.
    Came right towardsme, thought it was a big chinook.
    Believe they are rare up here.
    He surfaced about ten feet from me.
    Saw him later on downstream eating dead salmon.
    Guess he didn't like live ones.
    Have seen them two miles up from the ocean .
  6. I would have shot him. Self defense you know.
  7. And they taste like chicken..............I live about a quarter mile south of Lofall, I'll keep my eyes open next time i go down the bank to chase cuttys .
  8. Hmm...What would one use for crafting a sea lion pattern?
  9. Seal dubbing?
  10. Hows about the whole per fly...and a rod that will cast an actual garden hose for the line. Something like a fifty weight...
  11. Yes, yes yes - that is all fine & good, but THEN what are you going to catch???? How abouta salmon pattern made with old plastic shopping bags on the end of the 50 weight for catching seals?

    It would, of course, be catch & release only, unless their fin is clipped, and only in area 13 on the first Monday and second Thursday of every month. Area 11, of course, would allow wild seal retention on alternating Saturdays before 1200 if caught with flies made of plastic shopping bags that had a recycled content equal to, or greater than, 80%.
  12. I'm fishing for wild, native Orcas...anything else would just be incidental bycatch.
  13. I can honestly say and swear to you that I have had 2 orcas pursue me while snorkel-diving for abalone in SW AK. I have several witnesses who can verify the incident.

    We saw a small pod of orcas around a quarter mile out from us coming around a point. I was alone in the water, handing abalone to the guys in the boat. The guys in the boat told me right away to get out of the water, but we watched the orcas for a few seconds and they appeared to be passing by. I said not to worry about it. They were a long ways away. I slapped that water and made a seal barking sound (ha ha thought that was funny at the time) - Nobody has ever been eaten by an orca right? I went back to my abalone search after telling the guys in the boat to keep an eye on them and let me know if thay came our direction.

    I was abruptly pulled from the water by the back of my head by my boat crew who saw a pressure wave on the surface from 2 rapidly charging orcas. They crossed directly underneath me, hauling ass from opposite directions as I was pulled from the water into the boat. I saw black and white flash underneath me as I came into the boat and my toes curled up as tight as they could get. Not funny anymore. Afterwards we watched them from the boat doing the same maneuver around small islands looking for harbor seals on the rocks and out in the kelp.

    Now you can call BS on that if you want, but it really happened. Maybe they realized I wasn't a seal before I was pulled in the boat, but I'll never really know. All the years I was in AK I was worried about a bear encounter, but it was a different predator that I was destined to have that close encounter with.
  14. I was halibut fishing near Kupreanof Island (Petersburg area) this past fall. People up there were talking about the Sea Lions being more aggressive this year in the area because of a poor King Salmon season. Sometime in August a Sea Lion kind of leaned into an 18' skiff as a guy was landing or dispatching a fish and bit him in the a$$. Supposedly it was a 47 stitch repair job.
  15. I believe that since sea lions are intelligent mammals that some of what we have been witnessing the past several year is learned behavior. One thing in partiuclarl that I've only seen in perhaps the past ten years --and never evere before -- is sea lions taking birds from the surface like dry flies. They just come up from below and nail them. I've seen ducks, geese and seagulls all grabbed by sea lions. Once the sea lions gets a hold on a bird it beats it into pieces and then eats it. I've seen this phenomanon at Neah Bay, the Mid Channel Bank and Lincoln Park.
    Maybe food sources continue to decline they will begin eating people. A bit farfetched perhaps but even so it is not a pleasant thought.
    Les Johnosn
  16. I noticed that the birds were all getting out of the water in front of the sea lion that made the run on me. They definitely felt threatened by him. I've also witnessed sea lions taking sea birds in Rich Passage on more than one occasion.

    Can you imagine the size of the tooth holes an Orca would leave in your leg if he just test nibbled you?
  17. That is an awesome fish story! I'll be relaying that one around the campfire this year for sure. Those moments are what fishing with your kids is all about. I hope someday my children and I can share an experience that exciting. Thanks for sharing Trout Angler.

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