Seattle area SRC report 2-8-06

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by tightlines, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. tightlines New Member

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    When: Hit the beach at 1400 and fished until 1630

    Where: Public beach North of Seattle...

    Why: Been getting skunked on Steel and needed to feel a tug on the line

    Tides: Outgoing from high tide

    Fish: One SRC hooked and landed. Saw a few others jump-no takes

    Flies: Surface popper with the take on a euphausiid (thanks Les) dropper in white.

    Conditions: Windy, clear skies with plenty o sunshine

    Details: It was a great day. The wind was a bitch but blew adjacent to the beach, so I was able to wade in a bit and cast parallel to the beach. Not a look at the popper. The popper i used is a take off the Miyawaki. The euphausiid is my own creation with crystal flash, white dubbing and black bead eyes.
  2. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    Good fishing,
    Les Johnson
  3. Ken II LIB

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    Nice report
  4. FLYRODR Guest

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    Mind me askin' which beach you were fishing???
  5. ibn Moderator

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  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    What are Euphausiids or what ever they are called. I don't fish the salt but would like to know what they are and what they look like. Other than in a tight bunch.

  7. Denny Active Member

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    Jim, do a web search or search on this site, and you'll find plenty. You can also find substantial information on this in Les Johnson's book most recent searun cutthroat book. It even includes patterns for them.

  8. Randy Knapp Active Member

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    Had one on and a few strikes on a small marabou Clouser( olive over white) but there were fish there that must have been feeding on euphausiids because a seal came through right along the shore and would occasionally swirl and break water right up against the shore. I saw several jumping also.

    It was great getting to meet you and thanks for the tips you gave my friend.

  9. tightlines New Member

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    Glad you did better than me today. I dig your setup. Your buddies should call you "old school" rather than "one-fly." I'm speaking of the gear. Seems like I will keep an eye out for the fiberglass fenwicks from now on.

    Great to meet you too. They are definetly out there. Makes it more fun to catch when you have to fish harder for them.