Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I was thinking about both. I'm running really low on flies. Do you think that would work at Al's? Seemed pretty dead last night but maybe that was b/c of rain.
  2. I have a feeling it would work. The place was busier from 5:30-6:30 then it seemed to die down. I'm thinking maybe there is just an after work crowd that stops in for a drink or two and then jets. We'd have to figure something out for not making to big of a mess, maybe just bringing along a separate bag for trash. I can try to get there earlier, too, and try to get a good size table like we were at last night.
  3. Sounds good. I can't wait to get weird looks, etc. Ha. I just pack everything in my messenger bag and then dump the trash back into it.
  4. I have now met stealheaders.Though these were all young men at one point I thought I was listening WWII prisoners of war describing their treatment at the hands of the cruel and despicable Germans(no offense Mr Valdschmidt).I soon realized however that this was voluntary behavior and that no dose of any medication could save these poor individuals from them selves so I had another beer.See you guys at Al's
  5. Absolutely no offense taken...Only because I can see you that you will become one of us...a willing prisoner
  6. The Rancho Bravo on Capitol Hill is open and stays open late! I ate there this weekend after going out one night. Gonna grab a burrito tonight and eat it in Cal Anderson. Life does not get better!
  7. I'm definitely going to stop by the one on 45th before Al's on Thursday. Anyone up for swinging some flies this late afternoon/early evening on the Sauk? Let me know, I'm going up either way, I can drive from Shoreline.
  8. Damm! I wish I had you job Ben bawling: I hope you had some luck up there today.
  9. Thanks for wishing me well, but all I got were vacancies in my fly box from losing some flies. Looks like I'll be tying spey flies at Al's!
  10. Anyone have some afternoons/evenings available this week, (besides thursday for Al's) I'm bound and determined to get some winter chrome before everything is closed.
  11. Heading up to the Sauk this afternoon, let me know if anyone is interested.
  12. Hey Ben, my fiance booked the week solid for me (with exception of Thurs.). Good look on Sauk. Keep casting! I want that VT2. Are you looking for any trades?
  13. Fiances and wives will do that to you. The reason that I'm getting rid of it is that I'm wanting to get a switch rod for the beach, but we can definitely talk about it tomorrow at Al's
  14. Well so much for beers tonight. I'm going to be stuck in my cubicle while you guys are bullshitting at Al's.

    Anybody heading up to the Sauk or Skagit this weekend?
  15. Sucka! j/k. Sauk on Sunday?

    I should be able to show up around 7 tonight. Hopefully nothing foils my plans.
  16. Are you boys gonna be tying tonight?
  17. Yeah, I'm tying tonight. I'll be there around 6
  18. Planning on hitting the Sauk on Saturday, since Sunday is Easter
  19. i'm in for tonight prob at 7. fiance is going on an art walk with her friend who's doing the master cleanse diet who cannot drink or eat anything. lol. tmi.
  20. Man, I so want to say something funny about Chris Puma driving his subaru to get to an art walk with his girl and talk all night about ladies diet plans, but I don't know him yet and he might not know that I'm joking and glad he really gets to hit the pub instead.

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