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  1. I'll be in Seattle for a weekend visit and staying right downtown not far from Pike Place Market. I'll be limited by my feet and public transit. Are there are any fly shops worth visiting in the area?
  2. +1 on Patricks
  3. Yep, Patrick's
  4. That might be the only one in Seattle?...several in the suburbs.
  5. >>>That might be the only one in Seattle?

    "A change is gonna come..."
  6. Glad to hear...keep us posted.
  7. Patrick's is the only game in town now.

    What the hell, that's depressing.
  8. I'm a pretty loyal Patrick's guy, it's got its quirks, as do the guys who work there....but that's part of the reason I like it. Oldest shop around, worth a visit.

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  9. I gotta weigh in here with a story about Patrick's Fly Shop.

    A couple of years ago someone posted here about how he felt he'd been slighted during his recent trip to Patrick's and that he was "never going to set foot in that shop again - ever!!" The poster had his shorts in a big-time knot and was really pissed about the "shoddy" treatment he felt he'd rec'd there. A couple of people chimed in with their past perceived slights, siding with the poster, but most were on the opposite side. Who knows what really happened, BUT . . . . the thread made me think, "I gotta get into that shop."

    Well, shortly after that, I organized what I called a "Shop Crawl" for my small-ish local club, The Kitsap Fly Anglers. Living where we do, most of us were unfamiliar with Seattle-area fly shops. Idea was that it would be fun for a bunch of us to take a Saturday, drive over to Seattle and tour/shop as many Seattle-area fly shops as we could in one day.

    I Googled locations, maps, driving instructions, set up an itinerary, two car-loads of members signed up and one Saturday morning in January we grabbed the Edmunds boat and started the day at Ted's Sport Shop in Lynnwood. From there, we headed to Pacific Fly Fishers, then The Avid Angler, then Patrick's, then Anil's new shop in Tacoma and finally the Gig Harbor Fly Shop's new location. It was a fun day.

    Here's the bit about Patrick's: we pulled up, parked right in front of the shop and noticed someone bundled up in a big, shaggy sweater, smoking at a small sidewalk table just outside the shop's front door. The smoker, seeing us pile out of the car, stubbed out his smoke, went into the shop and greeted us as we entered. I explained the "Shop Crawl" to him (turned out he was the owner, Jimmy LeMert). I was really curious as to how we'd be treated.

    The Patrick's visit, from my standpoint, could not have been more enjoyable: Jimmy was the perfect "host" for out visit. He was solicitous, gracious, didn't hover around our shoulders as we shopped, was not condescending in any way, regaled us with some hilarious tales (one stands out - about the maker - and his wife - of that beautiful wood canoe that hangs from the shop's ceiling) and, I think, made us all wish, as we left his shop, "I'd sure like to live closer to this shop."

    One lasting impression from that visit to Patrick's: the shop's merchandising plan was assembled with the experienced fly fisher/fly tier in mind. I saw things in Patrick's that I'd not seen in any of the other shops. Also worth noting is the fact that Jimmy has deep roots in Northwest fly fishing history and traditions.

    The topper: on the Wednesday after the Shop Crawl, I got a note from Jimmy in the mail thanking us for our visit. A hand written note from a fly shop................ only one I've ever rec'd...........

    But, then, I'm just a hack.......
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  10. Patrick's fly shop is the spot! Hey everybody has a bad day. He has lots of fly tying stuff and sweet books. They even have rod building stuff.
  11. I don't post much, but this prompted me to step out of the shadows. Jimmy/Patrick's Fly Shop is my go-to flyshop on many levels. Jimmy is a great character. Not only full of great stories, but all kinds of flyfishing knowledge and a wold class casting champion to boot. He helped me build my first rod among many a couple of decades ago. I appreciated how helpful and supportive he was back when I had no idea how to put a rod together and was rather intimidated with it all. It was like having a big brother helping you, setting you up and cheering you on. Great guy, period.

    Oh, regarding the hand written thank you for your patronage card.....well, that says a helluva lot right there.
  12. All of my experiences at Patrick's have been great. I bought some rod building supplies and got a killer deal on a vintage 9' 6" 5wt Powell rod. I fished with John at LP a couple of times and enjoyed the conversation at the shop. A-OK in my book!
  13. Thanks for the info. How does Patrick's compare to Waters West?
  14. Glad I saw this thread, I'll be in Seattle next week and was looking for a local shop.
  15. I'm 70/30 with the good visits vs complete waste of my time...hard to believe a city of Seattle's size and abundant fishing options only has 1 fly shop right now. I'll be moving to Dallas in the coming months and am guessing I'll be missing those visits that fell into the complete waste of time category. Its worth visiting if you're in town for a short time IMO.
  16. Given the choice, I'm guessing Roderick Haig-Brown might have selected Patrick's; Flip Pallot might head to Waters West.

    While in Seattle, if you are limited to your feet and public transportation, Waters West (one of the best - if not the best - fly shops I've ever been in) is not really an option.
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  17. Patrick's is a great shop with a storied history. Oldest shop in the West I think, and some real characters hang there. The old guard: Les, Leland, Bob, Preston, John Farrar and many others all have history here. And if you'd like a casting tune up, Jimmy is hard to beat at any level. He's been known to throw a hell of a party too.
    But just to point out another option, the Outdoor Emporium has a fly department and it's manager is a passionate fly guy and fun to talk with.
  18. Did the downtown Creekside close? I was there just a couple of months ago.

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