Seattle Kman is DOA?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by slippery_whippet, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I bought my first Sage from them probably 16 years ago. Blair was a great help in picking out the right rod for the tyoe of fishing I was looking to do. Parking was a bugger, but at the time I worked downtown and it was easy to just walk over there after work. Haven't been there in awhile, but it is sad to hear.
  2. Come on Kent, unless your wife is reading your posts you don't have to BS us.:rofl:

    I'm with you on the need to actually see and feel stuff. Especially tying material. It's tougher being a long way from any shops though. I have found many shops will take a phone order and mail you things. If it's something you don't need to match color or size to it's pretty handy and still pretty fast.
  3. Too funny Steve! Lugan sent me a PM after I posted that and suggested I might be a gear whore! Guilty as charged. Thankfully my wife could give two shits about my gear closet.

    One of us here who shall not be named (although he is a past president of the WFFC) actually changed his onscreen name a year or so back when his wife got wind of how much time he'd been spending here.

  4. Redtruck's prices on Sage rods are exactly the same as Sage's web site. For example, compare the TCX series at and then at

    Anybody can sell gear below MSRP, but not if they expect to ever be able to order more from the factory.

  5. Jeez Steve, you need to start paying closer attention to road kill! I got some great mallard flank from a duck that'd been hit by a car on the road in front of my house. Last summer, I found a dead flicker on the sidewalk that's contributed to some dandy soft hackles. Yep, it's technically illegal to possess bird feathers in this state, but I don't know many guys who let that stop 'em.

  6. I'm not surprised. I stopped at the downtown store in September before a trip to Alaska and their inventory was low then. The place looked like a lot of businesses the last few years, just hanging on.

    Support our local fly shops. I did some Xmas shopping for my sons yesterday at Orvis and today up at Avid Angler. Both great stores.
  7. wow so its a discontinued color oooohhhh. well how about the simms womens waders on there are they discontinued? maybe they are an odd size hmmm. whatever Red truck is an outlet for Lelands who clears stuff for simms and far banks ect. ........ these clear outs are with the blessings of the manufacturers, but hey they aint to blame if they force the small shop to "pre-season" order more shit than they can sell. ooooh well. and if it is just the shops that cant adapt or have bad locations how about the Reno fly shop? guess what dead buy years end after 30 yrs of selling xyz most popular brands of whatever the manufacturers start whoring themselves out to "mega slut mart" and viola the rest is history..... problem is if you are new to the sport read that NOT BORN WITH A FLY/SPEY ROD IN YOUR HAND ( like some of you esteemed folks on this board) try getting good equipment or help at cabelas!!!! Oh and what is cabelas or other mega stores going to try to sell you? thats right their own line of stuff so the manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. this thread reads like an obit that hasn't been finished. it will be interesting to see what happens.
    regardless of the outcome, i sure hope they show more class than they did with the bellevue closing.
    they ought to get a keg and do it right! and take advantage of the shop and the opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful way.
    doing that is tough in the face of laying off employees, but all of us are still going to be around and if they go 100% online, then they still need us.
  9. you have got be kidding me they (and they know who they are) do not enforce that at all. go to ebay and look up new "xyz" fly rod and see how many pop up for sell less than retail with warranty card. who are you trying to kid cmon
  10. I think that with the presence of the internet, it really makes the need for the local guys to step it up a bit with better customer service and also more of a presence on the internet. What I like, from a business owners perspective, is that our website offers a passive income with no real work per say. But I love talking with and helping customers too. I think if the website is done well, there to educate people, changed often, etc... it will do well.

    just my opinion.
  11. I was told that news a few months ago. I have always thought that location was really hard to get to and find parking.
    It is sad to see such an icon go. I have bought lots of things from them over the years. They were always great to deal with.
    Lets just hope that this is just more worthless internet gossip.
  12. The end of an era no doubt. When the bellevue store closed it gave me a sick feeling, I knew there was serious trouble, I've seen it before.
    There's nothing good about this in my opinion.
    Relationships have a geographical connection...remember the house you grew up in? We fished together, laughed together, camped together, conducted business with mutual respect, and each did their part to enrich the lives of the other. When a business dies it isn't about dollars and cents. It's a loss... a loss of community, a loss of opportunity. Puget Sound flyfishing is not the better for it.
    "Strengthen what remains" is the call. Let not our retail brethren become endangered.
  13. Just to throw a little gasoline on the fire, I have noticed that some of the web sites for fly shops no longer have a "catalog" on line. I just noticed this a few months ago. I don't plan to make any really big purchase after forty years of collecting, but I do need a new float tube. So without a paper catalog or a web catalog, I guess you need to go touch and feel before you buy. Kind of like getting married.

    Like was stated earlier, it is good to see and feel what you are buying. But it was nice to shop for what you wanted before you drive in to the shop. I guess I usually buy more than I planned anyway.My good wishes for the shops in this tough time.
  14. They do it with permission from the mfg'er and mostly it is due to overstock, you will find the same thing from local fly shops, but of course you need to visit them to know, they don't advertise's more like a reward to visiting customers who might be in the market for that "xyz" fly rod..or even a Bauer Rogue @ 35% off :) ...didn't have it in me to pull the trigger...I need to be [​IMG] more often to justify that purchase.
  15. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: too funny ___________ [​IMG]
  16. Wow. KMAN retail stores closing, their mail order catalogue was the place for me, bought my steelhead fly tying kit from them in 1980 when I started tying, then bought most of my fly tyng supplies from them for years from their catalogues. Not bought from them in a while, I was just out on their web site looking at their products too.

    I am sure I have some of their catalogues in my FF closet. Have not received a catalogue in a couple of years from them. Makes sense though these days to do away with the paper catalogue and go net only.

    Local Cabelas tells me there fly fishing section is doing very well with retail sales and new fly fishers tying and buying equipment. Not me though, I have so many tying supplies its sick, 15 fly rods, one to three used each year.

  17. Hello,

    My name is Jakob Lund. I am the manager of Kaufmann Streamborn.
    I was made aware of this thread from several sources.

    Let me put the rumor to rest. Kaufmann Streamborn are not closing down! We have no intention of doing such! Zero!

    We appreciate all of our customers and will continue to serve them today, tomorrow and in the future. As stated by many posters, and I can stress this enough, please support your local shop, that being Kaufmann's or someone else.


    Jakob Lund
  18. Apparently it is. Thanks Jakob.
  19. Jakob,

    Glad to hear that there is no intention in closing.
  20. I'm going to a fly swap at all ALL ABOUT THE FLY this saturday & I've enjoyed Lelands hospitality at OVRIS. Show me a web site that provides a place for these types of venues. Plus puts up with my excentric demands for unusual products at a reasonable price. BUY LOCAL, SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY

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