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  1. So here is the deal I am a mover and today I had a driver from Minnesota. Who happens to fly fish( made for a better days work) he just got into it. Well we where talking and he goes from Spokane today to Seattle then to great falls to pick up a load. Well he will have some free time to fish on his way and he asked me if I knew any spots. And keeping in mind he's in a truck with a 53' trailer I don't know any off the top of my head but I don't him I would make a post for him and see what I could find. So my question is does anyone know a few spots between Seattle and great fall where the guy could stop and fish. He said it could be off of the freeway but he would need to be able to take his rig? I know the Clark fork runs by 90 and I sure there are some spots but if I could give him a little better then that it would be great. Or at least some mile markers on I-90 or rest stops.

    Thanks for all the help and I told him about the forum so maybe he will join.

  2. Yup. Heading east on I90 past Superior, Mt he will see a large rest area on both sides of the highway. This is before he gets to Alberton. He needs to park on the south side of the highway and walk across to the north side of the highway and go through the camping/picnic area down to the Clark Fork river. Fish upstream till he gets back to the highway as the river is parallel to the highway and then bends south and goes under the highway. The area just to the north of the bridge and all the way to the bridge is usually a really good spot to catch trout. He will need to wade out a bit but he should do well.
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  3. I would drive that sumbitch to the Marias. Probably a mossy mess, but it sounds like a sleeper tailwater.
  4. If he's going from Seattle to Great Falls, he could get off of I90 at the Garrison Junction, cross the continental divide, go through Helena and take I15 North. Take the Wolf Creek exit, cross the Missouri, park his truck right there in the big parking lot and fish around the Wolf Creek Bridge. He could then travel north on the Frontage road. I believe the Stickney Creek pull out just north of Craig would accommodate his truck and trailer while he fished there as well. A few more miles north on the frontage road, back on 15, and in Great Falls in less than an hour.
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  5. Just tell him to stop off at any river between CDA and Great Falls (there are plenty) with sandals and a stimulator.

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