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Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Chris Puma, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. I had my bike stolen on Pine & Boylston (right up from Hot Mama's) last night between 7 and 10. It was locked up for a few hours at one of those ugly bike stands across the street from Lindas. If you see a black and red Specialized Allez (it's a 54 cm) shoot me a PM. I will get you good and drunk.

    It actually has red tires on it and probably my light mounts still attached to handle bars and seat post.

    here's a pic:

  2. Chris.
    Wow friend sorry to hear of your loss.
    Keeping a eye out for it, Most likely some fly fisherman looking for a cheep shuttle.
    Matt you ride a pink bike?

    Again sorry to hear of your loss.

  3. ha. that would be pretty insane if there was a fly fishing bike thief ring.
  4. Chris, Work frequently brings me around the greater Seattle area and near that location. Are there allot of those models around? I'll keep an eye out. Whats the reward again??? Beer and cheap trills??
  5. beer, cheap thrills, gift card to kaufmanns, good karma, etc...

    A little more information:

    Bike has Shimano SPD clipless pedals on it and a black water cage.

    The last four digits of the serial number a 597B.
  6. Well don't count on getting it back. As a fellow cyclist here are a couple of my tips to prevent getign your bike jacked next time.

    TRY to keep it somewhere u can see it. (not always possible)

    here is the fun one.... I ALWAYS undo the quick release on BOTH wheels. This way when some asshole trys to ride away with my bike he simply eats it, then he eats a steel skanked boot, then he eats prison meals.
  7. also, you must be really short! cause like, a 54 is a fairly small bike. Ill keep my eyes open on the spokane craigslist.
  8. it all depends on what bike company. each bike company fits completely different especially when you are going from race frames to touring frames, etc...

    i'm 5' 11". i could have gone 54 cm or 56 cm. 54 cm was more comfortable because it was a shorter reach. my posture was much better on it.
  9. Sorry about your loss man. I am a biker and it hurts to see one go.

    I have seen a few of those around though, but they are common enough to ignore when you see one being ridden.

    If you REALLY want to get it back start checking the bike adds on craigslist every day, (make a search and bookmark it) for the PORTLAND list and wait it out. Check up here in Seattle too, but you should really check Portland.

    You have the serial so put it out on the police in both here and Portland so they can cover the pawnshops too.

    Was your aluminum?
  10. For a long time my office was across from the court house (3rd & James). I noted all the delivery bikes around. Many were pretty nice bikes they had painted fugly to discourage theft. These guys don't have the time to even lock their bike.
    Just 2 cents. Good luck with recovery.

  11. Thanks for advice. I've already handed out fliers to bike shops and pawn shops. I contacted police. I check craigslist numerous times a day.

    The bike was aluminum with carbon fiber fork and seat post. It was light. Less than 20lbs without pedals.
  12. That sucks, and I feel for you. I lost my Klein Adroit several years ago to a theif. Thankfully I had insurance.
  13. Bummer, Chris; I'll keep an eye out in this area.
  14. Just heard something on the radio last night about someone's bike that was stolen here at UW, showing on on the Portland craigslist. Sounds like she still had a hell of a time getting the police to help her get it back, even after she found it..

    Sound like there might be some kind of Seattle --> Portland bike trafficking.. Sorry to hear it man.
  15. I saw that article Herl. That women with the Redline bike. What she went through to get back her bike sounds like it would give me an anxiety attack!
  16. That does suck.
    Like others said report it to the police and do the Craigs list searches.
    About ten years ago I had mine stolen from outside my office door down here by Fisherman's Terminal.
    I never thought I'd see it again but a month late SPD calls me and says my bike is at a pawn shop down town and they gave me a release slip to take to the pawn shop and claim it.
    Get this though. The pawn shop owner laid this bs on me that if I was agood citizen I'd re-imburse him for the money he gave the thief that sold it to him. You could guess what I told him.
    Pawn shops at least in Seattle have to give SPD a list of any serial numbered items before they sell.
  17. Well, let me know if you need help getting a new bike, I am always in the shops and tinker lots.

    Lets go for a ride sometime.
  18. I was out of the country.My lawyer will verify that.I've had two Konas liberated from me in the past six years.It makes me believe in the death penalty.

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