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  1. my buddy fished Lenice this weekend. Apparently is was recently stocked as he could not get away from the 8-10 inch planters. He said he got a few biggers ones, but the little guys were in the way - which can be frustrating
    Weedy by the inlet and the rock corner, but otherwise he said it was pretty open water.

    No lake temp was taken. He was sharing the lake with about 14 other people.

    I was on a community lake by Shelton. got 8 (up to 20 inches) - not bad for my first time on this lake.
  2. Was on Lenice Saturday. Yes, a number of small fish. Did hit five larger ones, though only two to hand. One 19+ and I could not cover girth with both hands. New definition of toad. Calm, clear (sky and water), no wind, very leader shy, mostly a callibaetis show, nymphs on a dry line. Water temp 59.4 degrees.
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    Thanks guys for the report. I am trying to decide between rocky ford or lenice this weekend.
  4. I fished Lenice for my first time on 10/1 and 10/2 and had a blast! About 6 nice fish to hand each day plus a quite a few of those 10" recent planters. Largest were two fish over 18" with most around 16 and FAT! They were fighting pretty good too, with a lot of blistering runs and some acrobatic jumps. Most of our success came on olive damsel nymphs and bunny leeches trolled or cast+stripped with an intermediate line. Not much surface activity while we were there, so no dry fly action. I expect to head back when the next opportunity presents itself. :)
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  5. Fished Lenice past week during last nice days of the year. Only caught the recent plants while trolling with damsel nymphs or buggers. Using the chironomid technique caught a number of fish between 14-16". The bigger fish were mostly cruising the shallow water and being very picky and ignoring any of my damsel/dragonfly or mayfly imitations. Interestingly, I could only catch fish using the chironomid patterns given me by a couple of the chironomid pros who fish the lake regularly. Unfortunately, I lost one of the patterns and the other two hooks broke. I couldn't get any strikes on the patterns I bought at a store. Any idea where I might buy good chironomid patterns? The patterns that worked were size 14-16 with bead heads and dark color - olive or black.
  6. Might be worth considering learning to tie them yourself. Chironomids are good ones to learn on. A similar experience was a strong motivator for me to get started.
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  7. I tied for over 25 yrs. Left all my stuff with my son in Alaska when I moved back to WA. In Alaska, never had to tie anything so small. Just not interested in taking it up again.

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