Secret creek

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  1. Yesterday I went fishing on a secret creek. Caught some secret fish with a secret fly.
  2. Yeah, I met up with a old fly angler who sometimes posts on this forum, but doesn't spell all his word correctly. His grammar and punctuation seem good enough to get the message across. If I were to judge him as a human being and fisherman based solely on how well he spells his words and writes his posts, I'd be so far off the mark that I'd be the idiot.

    Turns out this guy began fly fishing as a kid over 60 years ago in Montana, ties beautiful flies, really knows how to lay out an elegant cast, knows his home waters like the backs of his hands, is savvy and tight lipped, volunteers his time to throw hatchery carcasses back on the stream banks on frozen winter days, helps mentor other anglers, and went to the trouble to meet up with me and show me some of his local water. I've only fished with him twice, but I hope something rubbed off his gnarly hide and stuck with me, if only a tolerance for the spelling mistakes of otherwise knowledgeable and savvy country folk who might have missed out on a little formal education.
  3. Ok here is my REAL secret creek

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  4. As I thought, you were holding out on us! :D
  5. I'll get the boat hooked up, and fill the cooler. Just let me know where to meet you. Do you think the unicorn would be willing to run the shuttle? I can leave a spare key clipped to his horn...
  6. So there ARE acceptable uses for hip waders after all.
  7. I think I fished there once, but the unicorn was wearing the waders.
  8. I draw the line at putting waders on the unicorn, though I have heard of "people" using waders for sheep.....

    and on that note I am done with this thread before I get banned. :D
  9. Here's the only acceptable use for hip waders as I am sure Enlightened will agree!

    (Note: I added the g-string for modesty )

    hip waders.jpg
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  10. That is greatly appreciated.
  11. I was wondering when this old photo of me would be on the internet!!!
  12. I was ambushed. Saw an alert, checked it out, now I want to gouge my eyes out!!!! Thanks alot freestone
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  13. Sorry Triploid! I didn't think about the ambush aspect. My apologies!
  14. Very nice Sue. I'm sure if I showed that picture to Sheryl, she might want to go fishing with me more often.
  15. If you dressed like that John, I am sure she would!
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  16. Sue, I'm not sure what I find more disturbing. The thought of wearing a thong and casting a 2/0 fly in the wind, or that kcahill would like to see me dressed like that. lol
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  17. woah now, stuff like that doesnt happen on my secret creek!

    What you guys do at your own secret creek is your business!
  18. +6 rating for my grammar count. Two thumbs up.
  19. All good freestone:) just wasn't expecting that
  20. If you want to keep your fly fishing partner:).....the waders on me!;)

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