Secret creek

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  1. Thank you!!!!!:) you should have left out the thong;) I think I may find a nudity calendar of men fly fishing:) hang it right by the shows just like "woman in waders" only mine will be awesome!!!! :) thank u so much!!!! I was feeling left out as a woman.....
  2. Sorry!!!! I'm on phone and spell check! Shower i meant!:) not shows

  3. Somehow I suspect the person in this picture doesn't bat on the baseball team you might want.
  4. I think it is Period Creek, just below Capitalization Falls. It is secret because one cannot cross Comma Ridge except for a small easement right near the Hanging Participle monument.
  5. I subscribe to the Mark Twain school of spelling, "Never trust a man who has only one way to spell a word."

  6. A semi-colon instead of a period would have made it perfect grammar. We often overlook the use of a semi-colon because we don't understand its use. Paying attention in the 7th grade always helps but is rarely acheived. Spelling is also important.:)
  7. this thread is awesome
  8. So how do I "like" this because I think it is funny as hell but I don't "like" it the other way?

    And where do you find this stuff? Rhetorical, I don't want to know, just amazed people can find it.

  9. That's a silicone fish implant for sure. Glad you didn't go near that trestle bridge in the background as there is a very mean troll there. "What's your favorite color?"
  10. Want to see the secret photos taken with OMJ secret Camera
  11. I can tell you're new to the forum because you told everybody. You should have added that "you couln't tell anyone about it because it's a secret.":)
  12. Hell, I want to see your 1918 Bell hand crank phone.

    Hell every place I fish here in Montana is a secret place. You guys are not going to travel this far for a days fishing.

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