Secret lakes I have fished

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  1. Please list the secret lakes you have fished for the benefit of those who "want to know".

    I have fished the 3rd Martha Lake in Snohomish County.
  2. WHAT?! Give up all my secrets like Depression Lake in the fall. Are you serious?
  3. The swimming pool at the Atkin's place up on Richfolk Loop is hot right now.
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  4. Pass Lake, Lake Sammamish
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  5. Green Lake is always hot!
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  6. Lugan, your response of "Lake Sammamish" is disallowed. No lakes with state parks allowed classification of secret lake.
  7. Lake Washington
    I think all the parks are owned by the various municipalities surrounding the lake so it should qualify.

  8. Boy, lots of secret lakes coming out of the woodworks. And.... there really is a third Martha Lake in Snohomish county.
  9. First, you will need a time machine. Then go back approx 50 years to the early 1960's ('62 thru '66 was the sweet spot for me), and find your way to the end of Meydenbauer Bay near Bellevue on Lake Washington, down past the marinas to the brushy shoreline with all the logs and great Bass and Crappie habitat. There will be some good LM Bass, Bullhead Catfish, & Black Crappie to be had at times. Just pull up and park at one of the two rough drives into the overgrown undeveloped property there.... We caught some nice Black Crappie there in the spring, and LM Bass spring into summer. Landed a 15# carp accidentally foul hooked in the dorsal fin, and LDR'd a dandy Smallmouth. Nightcrawlers fished next to the bottom under bobbers could get ya a catfish.
    However, without the time machine, I think you might just find condos there now.
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  10. myron lake in yakima. make sure to swear some giant condoms over any part of your body/waders that may touch the water. and get yourself checked out immediatly afterwords. gotta be some risk for those 10-15 lb. brooders and herpy covered planters.
  11. There's this one over by Vantage, but I can't remember what it's called.
  12. Blackman's Lake in Snohomish hides in plain sight ;)

    I think there's a few people who would like to know just HOW to access the other other Martha. I had success at Fontal last year.
  13. Horseshoe??
  14. I had some great times at Deer lake, getting me to say which one may be a little trickier though.
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  15. If you were to dial your time machine back a mere 15 years you could catch some very nice smallmouth in the Montlake cut near the old UW Fisheries building.

    I used to catch the bus down there from Wedgwood and fish early before my 8am class.
  16. I heard about this lake up on the Issaquah Plateau (or is that Sammamish now?) and I used to fish it back in the 80's. They put big dumb fish in there. Rhymes with Weaver. :rolleyes:
  17. Lake Isabel is the only lake on the west side with lakers. I've only taken, or seen, brookies there. The hike sure has gotten a lot more fun since Reiter Pit was shut down. That is, if an extra couple miles and added elevation gain is your idea of fun. It's still worth it, if you can find it and survive it!
  18. Blue Lake.

  19. had many great times at a certain deer

  20. Blue lake...Blue lake...Blue lake... I can think of about 4 Blue lakes and I've fished two of them.

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