Secret lakes I have fished

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. lost lake, or maybe fish lake, the real secret is which one...
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  2. There's four Blue lakes in Okanogan County alone !
  3. ------------

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  4. Kent, I believe you meant to say you'd fished Sand Lake.
  5. Looks like a zipper to me!
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  6. retention pond behind pacific fly fishers
  7. U Fish in Woodinville
  8. Lake Bennington. Biting flies, diseased triploids. Pure magic.

    Almost as sweet as Poopholes...err Potholes Reservoir
  9. That's the problem with this state, there's not enough Blue Lakes!

  10. And if a person is blue/green color blind...there's a whole nother batch of lakes.
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  11. Upper and lower Twin, fun to shoot the rapids down to lower Twin
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  12. The "beaver pond" up the hill outside of Arlington used to be my favorite. Callibatis forever, and acres of under 5 foot deep water with stumps, brush and cutties. Down here I have a not so secret lake 5 miles up the road and about 4 miles UP a trail that has lakers and a bunch of brookies they feed on all at 7,000 + feet of elevation!
  13. Rattlesnake, Pine and Beaver...
  14. Hometown Lake and Bidet Lake and Snookie's Lakes just North and South respectively of the Metropolis of Yo'sis Lake used to be my go tos 15 years ago. They stink now though.
  15. This sounds radical
  16. Leonard? Lionel? Something with an L I'm almost positive.....
  17. Are you talking about Lenice?
  18. There's an intimate little wilderness lake in Seattle, near N 65th and Aurora....never has very much pressure.
  19. I always wanted to fish the one at 175th and somewhat near Aurora.
  20. You can go trolling for quite a bit on that stretch of highway.
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