Secret lakes I have fished

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. all the fish smell like tuna though
  2. I was thinking Pete's Bog or whatever the name of that lake is.
  3. That's it! Cat's out of the bag now!
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  4. Uh oh, looks like we got some cat herding to do!
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  5. It's Lost Fish Lake. Get my limit everytime!
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  6. There's an Echo Lake in the relative vicinity. I'm not sure where Pete's Bog is, though.
  7. 175th and Meridian is where I think it's next to. The exit off of I-5 to Shoreline CC.

    I google mapped it. Ronald Bog is the name.
  8. Yeah, I saw that on the map but couldn't find a name. Pete's Bog looks like a good fit for the name.
  9. Echo, I landed over 116 on dries there one day, all wild cuts!
  10. Sequalitchew lake.
    if ya want anymore info than that you'll have to hunt down my army buddy john in Erie PA.
    and the helicopter pilots we gave the fish to are all retired by now. never did get that ride to the high lakes with the company row boat we set up. i guess sending us to Germany was more important to the Army.
  11. Chase lake off 76th in Edmonds......mudcats from the bridge!
  12. Hall lake back in the 70's when it was stocked. I pulled some nice sized rainbows out of that pond as a teenager. Those day's are all just a memory now.

    And every other stormwater detention pond across the region i'm sure...
  13. se
    You first martha lake is Not a secret
  14. One of the Blue lakes has good fishing, the other Blue lakes can have good fishing. Some of the other Blue lakes can be good but one of them is my favorite and has good fishing. I would try that one or one of the others. Yet the best one is the secret Blue....
  15. Also Green can be good as Blue, you might try the one that is near Blue I hear is is a good secret.
  16. You take posts too literal.
  17. I forgot to mention, most of the east side Blues and a few of the Greens are iced over, you might want to try the secret one on the West side yet this week it might get iced over as well. But maybe not.... depends on if Green is froze over. Silver now that might be ok, make sure you get the right one.
  18. Damn, I still have one more to fish. This spring for sure.
  19. Make sure you have a spare tire, the local kids like to party there a lot and leave their broken bottles.
  20. Some dude has mentioned in previous posts that "out in front of the blue water slide" on Narwhalsawzall Lake is a good spot. Last time I was there, i counted at least three blue water slides, each on a dock in a completely different area of shoreline.
    So yeah, out in front of the blue water slide is an "OK" spot to fish, on Narwhalsawzall, if ya know which one I mean. But it isn't the best spot.:D

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