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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Dave Evans, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. So just got back from two weeks on my favorite trout stream. Most of the flies that worked also happen to be dark, like deer hair caddis, and the hatch was at dusk. So I am getting old and not seeing at night like I used to. Do any of you ever add a small bit of white foam or something else to your patterns so you can see them better?
  2. My eyes aren't very good in the first place so I tend to go for parachute patterns. So far there hasn't been a situation for me where I felt like I was getting less strikes on a para adams than a deer hair caddis.
  3. bleached elk hair on top of wing
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  4. I gave up on trying to see small flies in low light, I set up on any rises close to where I think my fly is and it usually
    works. I just judge it by the end of my fly line and the drift.... It's really sucks getting old!
  5. That is exactly what I was doing! It worked a good part of the time. I tried some I had tied with bleached elk hair but didn't have the same success, but Kelvin, that is a good idea to just put some on top of the wing.
  6. Try putting a larger pattern like a sz 10 stimi or hopper pattern in front of your smaller fly.
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  7. The double dry works great for me too.
  8. You guys are way ahead of me about spotting drys on the water at dusk. My problem is getting the darn things tied on the tippet! :)
    Another larger fly in front always works and spotting a rise near where I think I am.
  9. A few little white CDC bits or some white poly yarn tied on top usually works wonders and doesn't affect the look of the fly from below.

    For tying on flies in low light, I sometimes carry a headlamp, if I know I'll be out late. Another tip I learned from a friend is to hold the fly up to the sky to thread the tippet through the eye. It is remarkable how much brighter the sky is than any other background you might have. It really works, even when you think it is getting dark.

  10. Another strategy is to pre-tie some flies on two feet of tippet with a healthy loop at the other end. When the light is too low to tie on another fly, you just put a loop knot at the end of your leader and connect the pretied tippet/fly combo to your leader. Under low light, the fish are even less likely to be put off by a bit of bulk in your leader setup.

  11. Scott Sanchez describes "Two tone parachute" patterns, such as "Double Vision Pale Morning Dun" that use two contrasting colors in the post of a parachute fly, longer black in the center, and a shorter contrasting yellow (or white) around it, to make a more visible fly for difficult lighting conditions. (Scott Sanchez, A New Generation of Trout Flies)

  12. I just got back from a four day fishing trip in PA and at approximately 9am on the button, every morning the Tricos would appear in size 22 or 24. Being so small I would have to guesstimate the general vicinity of my fly and once I see a rise, set the hook. I had to use magnifying glasses just to tie them on and see my tippet. Then 15 minutes later, they were gone. I also fished dry/dropper rigs with either a Caddis fly/Zebra Midge or Hopper/Zebra Midge in 24.
  13. Cataract surgery!
  14. I just go home at dusk and take my Geritol.

    My eyes are so bad that I can't see the fly at dusk, let alone run a 4x tippet through the eye.

    I guess you have to know your limitations.

    I like the idea of large loops in the leader though. I have tried loops but mostly too small to be of much help.
  15. Try to find a size 18 Griffiths Gnat about 40 feet out on Skinny water. Damn near impossible. I even have better glasses. But my eyes are old. Glasses don't do much for them anymore.

    Hell, I have trouble threading them eyes. But I stay at it until I get it done. What I did yesterday really sucks. I added some 6x tippet, I threaded my fly, tied my Davy knot to the eye and proceeded to cut off the end at the eye. I cut the tippet instead of the tag end.

    After that I rolled up my line, put my rod in my truck and went home. That was it for the day.
  16. Don't feel bad, Jim. I cut the leader also, on Wednesday. I was getting ready to go and I tied on some 6X tippet to the main leader.
    Zip, two pieces and two tag ends on the main line.
  17. Been there done that!

  18. Went out today just for a look around at two small creeks. I stopped off at a spot where the water is behind a dam like structure. I was just looking and lo and behold there was some fish swimming around. So I said why not. Got myself a EB of about 12"

    I got some pictures,but not of the fish. Just the hole the fish was in. 004.JPG

    Edit: I tried to load two different pictures but got twp of the same one. Don't know what I did but I got rid of one of them. That is not a cement pond. It just looks like one.
  19. Fishing the industrial zones OMJ? ;)
  20. My eyes must be getting pretty bad too. That looks like a hatchery runway to me. ; )
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