Seep Lakes Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by 509, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Surface water temperature was 66 degrees. Fished the middle of the day to avoid the snakes on the walk to the lakes. Fishing was slow with about ten fish landed.

    Didn't avoid the snakes...saw two. Didn't see any locals fishing.....the folks that I did run into looked in desperate need of a tan. If your white as a ghost....wear a t-shirt!!!

    Looks like another two or three weeks before the lakes kick into gear. Weather forecast for next week is for temps in the mid 80's.
  2. Hmmm.... 10 fish = a slow day, How many fish do you catch on a good day, DAMN!!! What were they, rainbows, carp, smallies?? I wen to the seep lakes last month and saw tons of huge ass carp in one of the seeps, but all i caught were maybe 2 four inch small mouths.
  3. They were all rainbows.

    Timing is everything. With some exceptions...I generally do not fish lakes between June 15th and September 15th. This avoids those really slow days.
    Now try fishing the basin lakes in early February if you really want some slow days!!!

    I also have a constantly rotating set of lakes that I fish. All basin lakes go through cycles generally on a 5-7 year basis. Generally, I have one or two lakes that are at the peak of their cycles. But I'm always looking for the next up and coming lake.

    I also tend to fish selective fishery lakes only during prime conditions. My observation is that the fishing pressure on most of these lakes results in slow fishing unless conditions are perfect.

    I have a fairly small set of flies that I fish. I change flies infrequently, but will switch if I have not had a strike in 20 minutes...and yes I always take a watch fishing so I don't forget. For those twenty minutes the fly is in the water. I have fished with many guys that between changing flies and fussing with gear end up with the fly in the water for less than half the time. And they generally catch about half the fish!!

    The larger fish are in the selective fishery my fish generally run 14-18 inches. That's the trade-off for numbers of fish. I generally do not keep track of number of fish caught.....but I like to fish lakes that I generally get a fish about every 15 minutes. That keeps it interesting. Yesterday it was 10 fish for about 5 hours of fishing....which is one every half hour. And some of those came in bunches so there were extended periods of just watching the scenery.

    I have had some exceptional days on this lake recently so was keeping track to see how it compared to last year. It was much slower, but the water was much warmer. Hopefully, it still has a couple of years left....I don't have a good replacement lake...yet.

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