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    To get away from the crowds at Lenice I decided to fish a couple of lakes in the seep lakes area on Saturday. The weather was absolutely beautiful being in the mid 50’s and no wind!!! The fishing was very good with numerous fish in the 18” range and thicker than I thought after the winter. Seal buggers and maroon chironomids seem to be the best ticket. If you need a change of pace from Lenice I highly suggest the Seeps!:)
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    The Seeps get less pressure than the brand-name lakes for a reason. You can drive right to Lenice, Nunnally, Lenore,Rocky Ford Creek and even Dry Falls with a minimum amount of effort. In addition there is a lot of recon and scuttlebutt on here about those places so it is easy to know what is fishing well and react quickly to it.

    The Seeps are a whole nother deal. Lots of lakes, some hard to reach, some with huge fish and others with none. A lake that was punk two years ago may be loaded with 16'' plus fish this year. Growth rates can be phenominal in some of those waters. Lots of dirt roads to negotiate and at the end often a walk of a mile or two with a float tube on your back. You need good intel to justify a walk into those lakes and sometimes the only way to get that intel is to walk into those lakes. But if you do your homework the rewards can be tremendous. I took a friend in there a few years back and he caught the 3 biggest trout of his life in a little unamed pond-one 26''. Fortunately most guys that fish there and make the sacrifice to do the footwork required to find those fish tend to be pretty zipper lipped about it, not rushing home to blab on the internet or give out GPS coordinates. With 20,000 members on this board and probably at least 4X that many lurkers, naming a lake that you caught a 6# trout in would be pure folly.

    Seeps fishermen also know that the lakes can be cyclical. This years fishing may be hot and next year might be just miserable in the same lake and vise versa. Getting acquainted with the regional biologist might be a good idea and sometimes the guys at Mar Don have good info. One year they told me to try Corral Lake, a lake that is visible from the highway and actually has a boat launch-hardly a secret lake at all. I drove down and tried it and caught at least a dozen trout over 16'' within a quarter mile of the launch. The next trip over I tried it again and fished for hours without a bump.

    The 500 mile round trip keeps me away nowadays but if you are closer you could do worse than learning your way around some of those off the beaten track gems. I have my hands full just dealing with the 50 or so excellent lakes within a couple of hours of my house.

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    Very well stated Ive!
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    The Seeps are really fun to fish. They get a lot less pressure the the quality lakes and the fish can be much bigger.
    I've seen pics of fish up to 10 lbs come out of the Seeps. The largest someone in my group of angling friends has landed is 8 lbs.
    Those fish were caught long before Triploids became the twinkle in WDFW's eye.
    Most seep lakes are planted with fry allowing them to grow in a natural lake environment. That produces a really quality fish with exceptional fighting abilities.
    The quality waters offer good fishing, but that is only half the story when it comes to eastern washington lakes.
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    This is a lot like Eastern Oregon. last year where I was catching numerous 20 inch fish and some 5 pounders was drained, the biggest fish you will catch this year will be 10 inches and that would be a monster. knowing what lakes have had water for 3 years or more is key. even in 2 years these food factories can produce tons of 18 inchers.

    All these lakes being catch and keep it doesn't last long so first of the season fishing is also key to have some of the best fishing of the entire year.

    I always tell people if you are not fishing lakes with 6 to 8 pound fish in them you are not going to catch 6 and 8 pound fish! If you are catching 12 to 18 inch fish in these lakes "MOVE" and target nothing but the upper year class fish and the tactics that catch them. you can run into a big fish every once in awhile or you can fish for just that year class and catch a lot more of them. I would say the catch and release special regs lakes would be when Everything else slows down. you can always fish your local or known lake. going for the big one "or ten" is done early in the year on mostly large bodies of water with catch and keep fisheries from what I have found. Thanks for the write-up on the seeps I've been looking at them because it's much closer to me and a friend with kids that can't go on my long camping, trophy hunting trips.

    Now what's the bio's number in that area - HA J/K
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    Except for the catch and release lake and the unlisted lakes, the majority of the Seeps are still closed until Apr. 1, right?
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    The CWR lakes are April 1st openers but the lakes above the canal are mostly YR lakes.
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    Ah. Ok, now that I'm looking, a ton of those lakes are unlisted in the regs. That makes more sense.
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    I've always been intrigued by the Seeps, and there was a time when I most likely would have explored it more but now with limited time to fish and a supreme love of my pram (although my new dolly works great), I just don't have the time to explore on my own and using a day as intel might pay off but it might also mean a wasted day of fishing. I have a few days that I might be up for exploring over Spring Break the last couple of days of March and the first few of April. Hmmm dang it I might finally pony up and do some scouting. Maybe I can wrestle Bill for some intel.
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    Like IveofIone said, the various Seep lakes go through cycles where they fish well for a short time period then success drops off.
    If you do your homework, try to hit lakes on the third year after they've been rehabbed. They'll fish well the second year, but the third year will produce some very nice large fish.
    Since many are put & take fisheries the numbers get thinned out by anglers, bird and warm water predation.
    The fish that do survive and carryover to the third year are worth putting in the effort to target.
    I wish many of the lakes still opened March 1st rather then April 1st.
    There are also some nice small carp waters back in the Seeps.
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    Never! My lips are sealed and I will never spill the beans. Check your email
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    Ticks and more tick plus some very large brown trout is what i have encountered at the seep lakes the few times i have gone there. I am getting older and fatter so the long walks with my tube held by one hand over my back till it feels like falling off are probably over. That is unless my application for Biggest looser goes through:eek:
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    No need to water board Bill. A light arm twisting will get you some great intel. I plan on checking out some of those lakes before the brush starts growing.
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    i have my eye on a few seep lakes as well
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    Maybe we need a seeps lake extended weekend, Fri - Sun. A bunch of us could go down there and camp together then fish different lakes and share some intel on them. Its been a good 5 yr since I fished them.
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    That is a good idea. Nothing like camping, hiking & fishing on the dry side.

  17. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    I've had my eye on a few seep lakes as well.

    P.S. Don't let Donato fool you. He's been to about as many of them as I have.

    We might need to do a modified fly swap at lake side. I'm sure I could come up with a lake that has potential.
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    that sounds fun!
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    i'd be up for that too if the timing works. would be great to meet some of you guys and the seeps have called out to me for a long time. my son and i did a little scouting there last year but i think we timed it poorly.
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    if you do something, count me in. I live close enough but never get enough time to fish to just go out and explore.