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  1. Thank you Chris, I'm afraid that I'm growing into a serious skeptic but I've just seen too much "inaccuracy" when it comes to government data and related reporting. Looking back to this morning when I think I posted it, I was probably thinking out loud and the question is more rhetorical. Maybe I should change my name to Mr. Cynical. Anyway, what we have is what we have.
  2. No problem Upton O, a litle skepticism is a healthy thing, we should look at everything the gov. does with a critical eye. Alot of guys don't have much experience with the industry, so I just try to share what I know. Its not that I'm advocating for more commercial fishing,in fact I think some forms will(and should), go by the way side. I spent a large part of my life doing it and I feel a need to speak up sometimes.
  3. Three days ago we had schools of chum jumping everywhere between Bainbridge and Manchester. Two days ago the seiners showed up. Yesterday there wasn't a salmon to be seen. It makes me sick to my stomach.
  4. Wondered why I wasn't finding anything this morning!
  5. A bit of clarification on the tribal rules I stated earlier in this thread: The "set net" mesh size (5" minimum) is measured diagonally. In other words, from corner to corner "stretched". Therefore, a 2-1/2" square mesh is legal for a "set net". I learned this only recently. My bad. Anyhow, that is still a pretty dang small mesh if you ask me. I also learned that the "commercial" fisherman (non-tribal) get about 16 days a year on the Hood Canal. I don't no for certain if that's true, but, unlike the tribes, they have the HUGE deep nets that do a fantastic rape job of the Canal. Ok, I'm done bitching now.
  6. Thanks for doing all of the legwork necessary to get those stats.

    Before I say "Now we know what happened to the chum runs" it would be interesting to know what the total escapement is for the various salmon.

    I wish there was a way to pay tribal and commercial fishermen *not* to fish. I'd gladly chip in $100 per year towards a fund that would pay them to leave $100 worth of fish in the water. It'd never fly politically, but it seems like in theory you could match the economic value of the catch in smaller terminal fisheries with ESA listed fish and make at least a small dent in the pressure.

    People would probably then just set their nets immediately outside the zone that you've paid them not to fish in and totally negate any benefit of the offsets *and* pocket the money the harvest, but as long as we're allowed to indulge in a bit of daydreaming...
  7. As far as chums go their commercial value is for their roe(it is viewed as the best in Japan), and the price depends alot on numbers in Alaska and Japan. This year the price is good so there is a lot of effort. I have seen forecast estimates for chum per river, but have not seen escapement #s. I will do some research and see what I can find.

    As for paying people to not fish, the state has had several license by back programs which have reduced the number of fishermen, but I believe market forces have done more to lower those numbers. You will never buy off treaty rights.
  8. Its pretty clear, half the harvestable surplus goes to the tribes. So while there's sport fishing there will be tribal fishing period. Stop sport fishing and you stop the netting, until then quit complaining.
  9. Greedy net fisher people who will be lucky to break even on the catch are all over the south west part of colvos tonight. 8 boats between Olalla and Gig Harbor...
  10. How can you tell that they are cocksuckers ? Please inform me at what place and time you plan to call one of the guys that name face to face!!
  11. Well, now that's uncalled for.
  12. Actually, there are Killer Whales right now, according to the news, chomping down on those chum salmon lurking near Vashon. I love it!
  13. Hookers n blow in Gig Harbor!
  14. This thread is full of so much mis-information. Thank you Curt for providing some factual data in your previous posts to alleviate the spread of false data and assumptions.

    The current price for Chum is $1.30 per pound. That is a VERY good price for Chum.

    Here is the link to the weekly Commercial Test Fishery at Apple Tree Cove for in season management for both Treaty and Non Treaty Commercial fishermen.
  15. There is so much mis-info because you have
    to dig to get any rules and regs on the tribal
    fishing laws. Add in lax enforcement, if any, and
    you will have an upset group of people that want
    to preserve, instead of make a buck, and wonder why
    every year there are less fish.....

    No solution when dealing with a group that can
    do as it pleases.

  16. The mis-info I have to pass out is that the S'Klallam Tribe never returned my email or phone call. (about 10 days ago) I did find some info I was looking for, but not with their help. Just thought I would pass this misinformation out so all would know.

  17. That price is correct for certain parts of the sound, the prices can go from $1.10 to $1.50.
    They are also getting $8 to $11 a lb for the roe.
  18. My anger, and poor choice of words in a post the other day (which have been retracted) I would relay to commercials, tribals and anyone else...the only solution in my mind to have a hope of saving most if not all species of Salmon returns in PS is a 5 year ban on angling/harvest, for everyone...then we can look at the data and see what we have.

    Right now, this fishery is going down the tubes and folks (for the most part) are content to let that happen, as long as they "get their's" before it is all gone...
    Rant off.

    And Benny, I would say what I originally typed (and would be happy to change profane terms) to you or anyone else. No kidding.
  19. griswald, really what it is "trading for a few dollars now $$" for a future where fishing is shut down for everyone.
    just look at what happened on the east coast with their salmon. we are heading for the same future. it is taking longer here because we have 5 salmon species instead of just one.
    and who really cares? when its all about the money?
    we need to do the same thing that Florida did.
    shut down commercial fishing for good.
    if its about money, spot fishing brings 10 times the money that commercial does.

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