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  1. i just got fu**ing took on another site. basially i was selling an item and received a check for more then the amount i was asking and then was asked to send back the money that was not intended for the purchase. i thought it was weird so i checked the bank name on it and it was a legit bank so i thought the sender had just made a mistake. hell no! the check was a fraud and even though it deposited into my account fine it hadn't cleared the other bank yet. i figured since it deposited into my account that it should be good. what a jack ass..... anyway basically i sent them my own money. just a heads up to watch out for this kind of shit. don't i feel like a dipshit:beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: bawling: bawling: bawling: bawling:
  2. Mike,
    I hope it wasn't for a lot of money. We had the same thing here happen to a person trying to rent a home. The scam was the same but the person rented a place sight unseen and asked to have it furnished too. Sent the money for both the furnishing and the rent. later called back and said they didn't want to have it furnished anymore, and requested to have the refund of the money reserved for the furnishing of the home. The rental company could smell the rat, They called and sure enough the original check was from a real bank but the account number was bogus. potentially the rental company could have been out a lot of $$$. Sorry that it happened to you.
  3. Had a client that just got taken the same way except a cashiers check was involved that the bank advised her was real! That lesson cost her $1,500.
  4. Gotta name Mike?
  5. Mike,
    Was the money you sent somewhere in the US? A P.O. Box perhaps, or was it over seas?
  6. This is a very common scam, it has been around for awhile - maybe it's just now just hitting the flyfishing community. It usually involves a forged cashiers check for a real bank. Your bank will not be able to identify it as forged just by looking at it. Later they will get their lost funds back from you when they are refused by the original bank.

    Moral of the story - never send your real money to a buyer.

    If you suspect a scam, I beleive your bank can call the bank the cashiers check was drawn on and verify the valididty before you close the deal.

  7. bingo! only i had never heard of this scam so i didn't think to much of it.
  8. I have posted a few things for sale on this board and was hit up with a variation of the same scam when the item was only posted on this board. this was about six months ago but beware they are watching this sight. If it is something other than the exact amount paid by paypal or a postal money order I would not accept it.

  9. Yup, it's an old scam. By chance did they want you to send the money back via Western Union? Usually it's the case. So any name or address won't help. Most of the time it's a Nigerian scam. They find your name on the internet ad somewhere. Then arrange everything (usually a computer generated check as well). Then have you Western Union the money. Problem with this is they can pick it up ANYWHERE as long as they have the password you give them. So you may think you've sent money to Joe Schmoe in Houston, TX, but sent it to a scammer in Nigeria.

    Sucks, pretty much no chance to get the $$$ back. Thankfully I was educated on this awhile ago. If I can find the scam page, will put a link here to it.
  10. western union it was. the bank suggested i contact the FBI, so i did and they said these kind of sites get hit all the time. it bothers me more that i fell for it then losing the money
  11. Mike,

    Thanks for sharing at least. You might have helped a fellow FFer not fall into the same snare. Sounds like an easy one to fall for as scams go.

  12. I just saw a thing on this i think last week on dateline. Its almost imposible to catch them because they usualy are from nigeria and there government doesn't really inforce any law on them. So thats why i dont really deal with things off the internet anymore
  13. PLEASE NOTE: This is a well known scam. I would suggest no one accept payment for more than their transaciton amount, and only send items when the payment has cleared or when you have confirmed funds with the issuing bank. Never, ever send return funds to someone when they overpay; even with a money order. I usually ask for a USPS Postal Money Order or payment via Paypal when I sell items.
  14. check this out. got this email for a pontoon im selling :

    From: rooney dilber
    to sale-304835531

    show details
    Apr 14 (2 days ago)
    ** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
    ** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
    ** More Info:

    Am interested in the item you advertised and I would like to make an
    outright purchase immediately so i would want you withdraw the advert
    from the web.I will be paying with a certified check in U.S dollars so
    pls let me have the following informations so that the payment can be
    made to you :
    1.Your full name to be on the check.
    2.Your postal address.
    3.Your postal code
    4.Your mobile phone number (For easier comunications).
    Kindly get me the following information as soon as possible.
    Thanks in Advance

    Sounds really shady, like wants to send the check right away without even looking at the boat. I said local pickup only, so the fact that he wants to mail me the check rather than just give it to me when he picks up the boat is what gets me lol.
  15. first he said postal code which is what they call the zip code over in england, which is where my check was mailed from and second his english is not very good, which is the same in my e-mails. personally i wouldn't do it, but if you choose to then double, double make sure that the check cleasrs and when you get it for over the amount then don't send any money to him. it sounds close to the shit that i got
  16. yea Mark Ritari I would definetly not do that. I had a person send me almost that exact same email, I gave him the slightest third degree about his form of payment and I never heard from him again. At least do what I did and ask him some questions....
  17. i already sold it to another guy who was legit, but yea that Rooney Dilber guy made himself pretty obvious that he was a scammer.
  18. Thanks for sharing Mike. I found out that Fed Ex has now stopped shipping to Nigeria on account (will only accept payment by cash and no guarantee of delivery) because they have had huge problems. This is a good heads up to those who buy and sell on the internet.
  19. Yup, heard this type of scam couple years ago, basically called the "Nigerian Scam" . Its attempted quite a bit on a couple Guitar web site classifieds as well.

    I make it simple for me, ZERO CHECKS! USPS M.O. or Paypal ONLY.

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