Send in the drones

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ribka, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. ribka

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  2. GAT

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    If they plan to use the things to fly over hunters with high powered rifles... they could end up losing some of their RC helicopters.
  3. Roper

    Roper Idiot Savant

    PETA is nothing more than a money making operation for those at the top. The more sympathy, the more donations, the more attention, the more donations. It produces nothing of value yet makes millions. Not bad work if you can get it.

    BTW, it's illegal to harass hunters in fair chase hunting, they will lose their eye in the sky due to noise. You'll be well within your rights to shoot it down.

    There is so much need for truly good things to be done in this world, crap like this drives me nuts.
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  4. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    I don't think hitting one would be too much of a problem. Now if one is behind the bullet there's a vortex to be seen. I wonder if there a copper colored blob that rapidly gets larger right before the screen blacks out...
  5. Flyborg

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    They may catch me spawning on public waterways. This could be more entertaining than google streetview.
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  6. constructeur

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    From the PETA article:

    "With more than five times as many wildlife watchers as there are hunters in the U.S., we hope to expose further why hunting is a sick and sickening pursuit."

    yeah, whatevs.
  7. orangeradish

    orangeradish Bobo approved

    So do you chrome back up and head down stream, or do you expire on the bank?
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  8. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    "Your honor, honest to God, I was in fear for my life when I pulled the trigger...on that intruder" :D
  9. Jim Darden

    Jim Darden Active Member

    I'd recommend carrying a couple of shells with #2 shot (lead preferred). The drones could prove a challanging target and hard to drop (gosh, I hope they don't run like pheasants), with no scent it will drive the dogs crazy, now that's animal cruelty.
  10. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    If it flies, it dies. And it's not that hard to hit, especially with a .300 in 180 grains or so. Bring it.
  11. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    I can't imagine anybody wanting to watch me in the outdoors, once I leave the confines of civilization I tend to revert to my caveman instincts.... watch if you want
  12. Upton O

    Upton O Blind hog fisherman

    I guess now is a good time to pocket a couple of 3 1/2 inch BBB. Or maybe start "coyote" hunting.
  13. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    What's the limit on drones these days?
  14. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    A bonus point system could be set up, with cash prizes awarded for knocking the most PETA drones from the sky. :D
    Probably have to make it a "drone derby" with an entry fee to pay for the prizes, but I can see this thing taking off.

    Successful drone hunters could display their drone trophies in their dens by simply hanging them from the ceiling on a wire.
  15. rainbow

    rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

    You guy's get me one I'll use it for a ceiling fan in my man room.
  16. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    I don't hunt, so my best chance will be to snag one from the sky with my 6 wt. If I can accomplish that, I should be awarded "bonus points.":cool: Ha! In my dreams!
  17. gbeeman

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    From 1998 through 2012 PETA killed over 87% on the animals turned in to it's Northern Virginia facility.

    That's really "caring" for animals.

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  18. Travis Bille

    Travis Bille Active Member

    That seems like the least effective way possible to do this. Wouldn't it be easier to walk down to the river with a hand held video camera?
  19. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    I know most of this is banter but I do believe if hunting water fowl it is illegal to carry lead ammo with you.

    Having said that, I don't think I would have any problem knocking one of those things out of the sky with my 25.06. Matter of fact the game would be who shoots it down first, me or someone else. How about a joint take down. On the count of three; one, two, Three, FIRE! I wonder what one of those things would look like after being hit by a number of high powered rounds simultaneously.
  20. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    It's really too bad the idiots don't spend there money one worthwhile projects --- like protesting dog fighting, cock fighting, animal abuse by pet owners, etc.

    Using RC units to watch hunters and anglers is a waste of their time and money when they, if they really wanted, could be doing some good in regards to genuine animal abuse by humans.

    AT this point, they come off as just a bunch of whack jobs making statements that make them look even whacker.

    Wing nuts with more money than sense.