Send in the drones

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ribka, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Dont worry, have you seen the size of those drone and large scale rv helicopter control panels? They'll snap their vegan arms in 5 minuets of joystick time
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    PETA is about making money and are egomaniac attention whores looking for a TV camera and attention. They could care less about the welfare of animals.

    I have yet to see a PETA member donate their time or moneynto local animal rescues and shelters. The wife and I try and get to shelters and help a few times month and never see them. I know the PETA org has not donated a cent to shelters.

    15 years ago I had the tires slashed on my truck during a bow hunt in MD by caring PETA members who were protesting the the archery deer opener. Came back the next day and the PETA protetstors followed me into the woods I led them through a big patch of poison ivy then through a muddy swamp. I was Prepared wearing hip waders so not affected.

    The only thing PETA members and leadership do well is kill puppies and kittens. PHUG EM
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    Moses Lake's big airport (the old AFB not the one east of town) is supposed to be in the running for drone development central. They'll be watching you fishing at Rocky Ford. You may not want to shoot those down, though... I'm guessing some can shoot back.

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