September Alaska Trip: Looking for Two More!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Loren E, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I have organized a really neat trip to Alaska for September 9-16 (give or take a day, we are dialing that in) to fly fish for estuary, tidewater, and river cohos fresh from the salt. It is to a remote camp run by an outfit called Nelson Lagoon Adventures. We are a group of 5 guys, except two had to drop out so I am looking to fill their spots. It is a discounted rate of $2,400 for the week plus airfare (getting to Anchorage, and then a pricy roundtripper from Anchorage to Nelson Lagoon and back that is about $1,100). I want to be able to book airfares soon so would like to fill these spots asap. The cost is pretty damn good for Alaska standards, mainly due to the fact that this is a rugged tent camp/no frills experience, but in what looks to be an amazing location on the Bering Sea with potential for great fishing.

    So far it is myself (guide during the summers in CA ( and employee/instructor at Creekside Angling + student in Seattle the rest of the year), and a couple buddies who are super laid back guys and passionate fishermen. Please send me an email at if you're interested in more details. Cheers -Loren
  2. You should go a month later if you can, if they don't know why then you shouldn't book with them.
  3. Maybe they want to catch silvers and not something else?
  4. Yeah I silvers are ok I suppose

    Seriously though, you can probably buy mileage from AK air for much less than the flight costs on penn air its $15,000 miles from Anchorage probably find a flight for $25,000 from seattle... Cut down on costs a ton
  5. I don't know where Nelson's Lagoon is, but you mention a Bering Sea location. From what I've seen, coho in the Bristol Bay and Bering Sea regions are an August timing, not September. I think September is peak for SE AK regions. $1,100 air fare from Anchorage does look like a long flight, like out to Bering Sea locations. That's about double the last costs I looked at for Anchorage to Dillingham or Bethel.

  6. Yeah I'd look at weir counts on ADF&G's webpage and see what they look like, it'd suck to go there and not have silvers in because there's not much more than that around. Also remember its the worst weather possible you are going to so plan accordingly!
  7. Hey all, I am planning this trip specifically to hit the prime of the silver run, which according to the outfitter is the first half of September.

    Thanks for the tips on the Alaska airmiles, I will definitely look into that.

    Best -Loren
  8. What's the point of speculating that this is a inferior trip if you've never been there and have no idea what the place has to offer, what fish are running, if commercial carriers fly there (which they don't), the best time of year, etc. If you're not interested, or are jealous because you can't afford it, or would chose a different opportunity, move along. Loren is just trying to fill some vacated spots on what appears to be an economical trip to Alaska for someone who can take advantage of the opportunity and wants this kind of trip. I hope they catch fish until their arms fall off!
  9. Aha, it's out near Cold Bay, a long flight from Anchorage, about as far as from Seattle to Anchorage, at least in flight time. It's interesting that is still part of peak silver season since Bristol Bay is finished by then. And also that the silvers are larger than in SE since Bristol Bay silvers are consistently smaller than in SE. I'll look forward to reports. I've been considering a trip for kings out that way after being kind of turned off by the fishing pressure on the K'tok. Looks like an adventure for sure.

  10. Thanks for adding in your perspective Chief, funny how negativity can come out of nowhere online.

    Steve, should definitely be an adventure! I will be in touch soon about fishing locally. Maybe we can hook up at that campground we discussed. I still have yet to get in there.

    Cheers -Loren
  11. Man I love this place. Just about any thread can go to shit in no time flat.
  12. Interesting thread. I have a trip planned for the first week in July on the Naknek for Kings. I would appreciate any information, positive or negative. It's all valuable!
  13. Notwithstanding AKPM's greater experience (I've only done about a dozen trips for cohos up there), I'm going to completely concur with the outfitter on the timing of the trip for that species of fish (the "something else" that others are thinking could be steelhead); and I don't consider $1,100 round trip charter anch-nelson lagoon very much coin (I'm not sure that's how I would get there myself; I would probably charter out of King Salmon, but whatever) - seems pretty standard to me for charters - unless there is an "essential air service" scheduled flight on podunk air, that's what you pay to get anywhere up there (i.e., $700/hr for a Beaver). My only other comment is to go in two's, and for every other person to get an AK airlines visa card, and use the $99 annual companion fare that comes with it - that's like half price airfare; I think it also comes with 25,000 miles for new accounts, allowing you to buy a one way ticket there - and pay the way back - still cheaper than full fare.

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