September Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Since we had 27 some pages thought it was fitting to start a new thread. Any word on how the run is post gillnets on the Duwamish? I'm hoping to get my 6 year old niece into her first fish tomorrow with the oink Barbie rod I bought for her birthday.
  2. There's no fish in that River, hippy.'re late!

  3. Any visuals on the nets? Wasn't clear to me if the emergency closure was 24 hour moratorium type thing or a full-tilt stoppage (former much more likely than the latter).
  4. Talked with one of the bid wigs today and he said the nets are going back in Sept. 11th. There are no nets in the water.

    Had an epic morning. I found a school and immediately hooked up. As I was fighting the fish another boat motored up and anchored right over the school as I was trying to wave him off and fight the fish at the same time. I lost the fish when it wrapped around my anchor line and the guy yelled back that he didn't know why I was waving him off. Hooked two more as the school was leaving and landed one. Went searching for more fertile grounds and I found it. Fished to 1130 and ended up hooking 30 and landed 24 and only quit because I was tired of catching fish. . My best day ever by far and not another sole in sight. Did I say how I love weekdays?
  5. There are plenty of fish. Not as many as before the nets, but plenty.
  6. Fished Picnic Point this morning on the high-tide change over. Only saw one fish in two hours but it was about 250 yard out. Slow day - at least for me.
  7. They will set the nets on the 8Th for a test fisheries and probably start netting on the 11th.
  8. Still fish in the Duwi but significantly fewer than in the pre-net phase. Busy afternoon in the water - will most likely be an insane megacluster this weekend.
  9. Just back from a solid morning on the Duwamish. Evan's crusty tube sock FTW.
  10. Was at the Spokane Bridge on Thursday. Good times. Use a 3/8 octopus jig. Going back again today, got to enjoy the opportunity while it lasts.
  11. it's weird to look out from the bridge on the way home and see personal watercraft out there. I feel like a pioneer. ;)

    but I also like having the brethren in the mix, will be sad when we loose one of us to a sea lion though

    BTW a danger I hadn't thought of until the other day is when you are fishing out from the bridge farther then anyone can cast but within the barges. A snapped off buzz bomb can easily travel that far. This realization came to me when it seemed like a 50cal round zipped into the water right next to my oar. A few spots on my body that would kill me, many more that would hurt like hell.

    I've been saying that I think it is the most dangerous spot I fish from the pontoon, because I have no idea what the real dangers are (still learning them). I'm glad I've only seen Harbor Seals this year, the sea lions in years past were quite the pucker factor. (mammals larger than your boat, after the same food).
  12. Great video! Thanks for sharing! Will it be crazy over there this weekend on a boat?
  13. Nice Vid Paul. Love it when the fish goes straight down, had that happen a bunch the other day, straight down to escape...
  14. I'm stuck in Dallas until Sunday... No more pinking for Evan until next week.
  15. somebody needs to just throw a hay bale down the river to take out the nets
  16. I used to work with a guy who would occasionally do this. Can't say I condone his actions, but it was effective.
  17. Yes.

    If you've got a power boat, it might be worth heading up the West channel fishing a ways South of the Spokane Street bridge and spotting schools well away from the madness.
  18. How are the south sound beaches and points fishing?
    Two weeks ago reports were pretty discouraging.
    A week ago it seems like things may have picked up.
  19. looked a little crazy right now. Everyone's crowding the bridge so it's pretty thick in there.

    Weekend should be a great opportunity for disaster.
  20. Paul, that's a great video! I'm going to try going next Monday morning, that is if I get a hall pass. I'll be in a different river though. I'm sure this warm weather won't help the biting factor.

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