September Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I do have a power boat but have never been over there so thanks for the tip! Any better options over the weekkend? Not sure how much I'll be fishing but wanted to introduce my parents to the madness and show them some fish.
  2. Great vid, Paul. Looks like you and Nope tore 'em up (plus, he said as much on FB...). Headed to Pullman tomorrow, but want to get out Sunday night and Monday. Get those suckers put in a pen for me, won't you please?

    And a howdy to Sam who I met tonight on the river. Good fishing with you!
  3. Nice meeting you too. See on the water soon.
  4. Just in from the River with the kidlet and Upton O. We tore it up on the fly rods, and found a couple of agressive acrobatic hens in the mix. The only downer was that my daughter lost her only fish to a shit knot I tied. (How 'radish of me.)

    Still, a great time was had by all, and I recon by Tuesday I'll smell like I swam in fish sauce.
  5. I was wondering if you could fill me in with some info. Where do you launch your pontoon boat to fish in the Duwi?

    Thanks for the info.
  6. The fly guys (and WFF) were well represented out there today. I'm now buried in video footage to edit. Thanks to the board members who let me be annoying with my camera.

    another nice shot of Toolfly
  7. Floated the sky today with very little to show for it. Saying they are tight lipped would be a serious understatement. 4 were hooked, 2 landed. But this was with thousands upon thousands of fish seeing our hooks.
  8. Fished from 530am to 3pm, hit south vashon,dash pt,browns pt,mouth of puyallup,claybanks for kings,GH for kings and ZILCH,ZERO,NUTIN' to hand except stupid dogfish and flounders. A zillion boats but nice weather. Also witness nothing to hand on other boats too.

    Was about to go throw metal in the puyallup but was tired and didn't want to deal with the crowds,heat and cars. Fried my fishfinder and all th wires melted, don't know where the short was, but fried my fingers trying to fix it, OUCH!

    Well, now I'm looking foward to targeting silvers and kings ONLY, and src. Pinks are history! :p
  9. Got my boat out for the first time this weekend. Stayed close to home but put a good 50 miles on it Saturday and Sunday so got brave and made the run from Bremerton to Seattle yesterday. Great weather and fun boating but no fish. I had my flyrod and some gear and nothing. Found some fish but no bites. I've never fished for salmon with gear before and never caught an adult salmon in the salt so maybe I was just presenting wrong, but I didn't see many other hookups either. In fact, the whole time I was over there (west waterway and up above Spokane St bridge) I saw one fish to hand and one other hookup. Pretty bummed after the long trip but I learned alot boating over there. Also made the entire day (around 40 miles) on one 6 gallon tank with some to spare. Pretty good I thought!
  10. Couldn't find any Pinks on the beach on Maury Island (Vashon) on Sun-Mon but we found a few Sea Run Cutts willing to bite.
  11. I give up. Nothing at BP this morning. Tried the Puyallup with zero results. Time to kick back!
  12. I'm still finding fish, but they are being VERY difficult to coax in to playing. This run definitely hasn't been as easy to keep on a consistent game as previous runs. I've been able to consistently get fish, but my strategies are having to be constantly re-worked.

    Today was much better than my minimal-hookup outing yesterday. Double digits on the hookups, but considering the number of fish I was throwing to, that isn't that impressive. They are being very tight lipped, and my buddy and I have found one, and only one, fly/presentation they seem to be liking (and it is not the tungsten head fly I previously posted). **flashabou is your friend**
  13. Doesn't get much easier than that! Haha Is that a size 6 hook?
  14. Yes sir. Size 6 Allen AFF-SS001
  15. Been hittin the lower duwamish last two days...holy smokes I was spoiled and I'm sore. Both days hooked at least 30 fish. Used super small clousers on an intermediate line. Some times letting it sink sometimes not, depends on where I was spotting them. Tried topwater today and nothing. I got a couple on top in 09, but there were just an insane amount of fish then. Anyways it was very refreshing to see all the fly guys out there on labor day. Met P. Dieter and he took some video of me untangling my running line for 15 min. and then finally hooking one right at the boat, I was the guy in the livingston. Today was probably the last day of pink madness for me since its back to work and the nets are supposedly going in this week. Time for coho!
  16. Where were you at on the Duwamish? (what's "lower" mean there?) Sounds fun!
  17. It's been time for coho the past month.
  18. I know...Seeing your pics in the gallery inspired me...what can I say I'm guilty, I have pink fever. I went out last tuesday lookin for coho around alki pt. and lincoln park in the boat. Saw some bait being chased and threw some poppers for a couple of hours but nada. September is usually pretty good to me in MA10.
  19. Fished Ala Spit on Saturday and yesterday morning. Caught two on Saturday and it was a bust yesterday.

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