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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I've been jonesin for some coho. Bt being sans boat, and lacking funds to do all the ferry rides and whatnots, I've stayed with the pinking game.
  2. I didn't get the chance to meet you, but saw you putting on a clinic from 100 yards away. Nice job! The talk among all the FFers was to go deep. Sure enough, I put on my biggest dumbbell pink fly (tied years ago for AK salmon) and hooked up on a dry line. Been fishing a dry line all season and will be using a sink or int. from here on. Nice job out there. My arm was tired just watching you hooked up ;)
  3. Intermediate line - never leave home without it! A must-have line for your inventory . . .
  4. Weekdays I've been fishing the puyallup, at the 96th bridge closer to orting.
    I picked up only this one on Friday, not on a fly rod but using using a fly.
    Trying to get my first on a fly rod but it's been difficult.
  5. I haven't used one for like 4yrs.
  6. Pink fishing has been up and down

    Fished all weekend
    Friday Night: Hooked 3 lost 3
    Saturday Night: Hooked 1 caught 1
    Sunday Morning: Hooked 10+ caught 6
    Monday Morning: Hooked 2 lost 2
    Tuesday Morning: Hooked 20+ caught 10 to 15 (don't remember)

    All of them on my Flashabou fly:
  7. South, north ?
    Salt beaches, river ??

    Hard to tell where the fish are still running from these reports

    I'm on the east side trying to decide if a trip later this week is likely to be worthwhile

    I only know the Dash PT state park area, not being local
  8. + 1 Million
    It is prime coho time. Hopefully we won't get any big rains and the next three weeks will provide some epic coho fishing.
    Why pink when you can ho? ;)
  9. And the tides are getting better as the week progresses. You know where I'll be ;)
  10. Bill,
    Good luck out there chasing coho. I may see you out there next week. I agree, the tides are looking better as well.
    I've got 9 straight days starting Saturday to fish, so I'll be hitting it hard. I'm not much of a fan of these high pressure systems and the north to northwest winds they bring. Some fog to block out the full moon is at the top of wish list.
  11. I agree! While most are thinking pink, I'm moving on and have been targeting silvers. Already have put over 160# of migratory Ho's aboard and another 100+ lbs of the residents into the deep freezer.
  12. Reports without any hint of a location or whether fish were caught in the salt or fresh water are unhelpful and bordering on boasting. I'm not accusing anyone of this, but am bringing it up in a hope that future reports will be more helpful to others. I won't blow their "secret" fishing holes, but will say that Evan and Ian were fishing the snohomish river.

    I fished the salt in a boat off Mukilteo on Saturday and there are lots of pinks and Coho moving through. Some rain would probably help draw the fish into rivers.
  13. I keep some of my posts ambiguous because I think any reports are helpful to keep the hope alive for guys fishing all over the area. I think I've posted plenty of helpful things on here to make up for the times I didn't post the "where," and while I don't care if people know if I'm fishing the Snohomish, filling in info that others left out isn't necessary. And on numerous occasions in the previous weeks, I've had several people PM me asking for tips... And I not only told many good spots, but I took guys out fishing. Besides, boasting on a fishing site is not only accepted, but encouraged.

    Today I saw less fish than any other day out. Still managed to go 4 for 5 despite not seeing much of any in the way of rollers or jumpers. Of the 4 of us fishing, besides my fish, 3 others were landed, and one lost. Didn't see any other anglers in the area catch anything.

    The fish I picked up today were definitely the ripest I've seen yet.

    View attachment 43975 View attachment 43976
  14. Evan, I agree with you.

    Just to be clear, I'm not calling anyone out, just making the observation that what essentially boils down to "I caught fish" does not really constitute a fishing report.
  15. I agree, but don't see as much wrong with it since it's nice to just see that there are still fish to catch, which is all some guys are looking for. Ian and I, however, have shared fly patterns and other techniques to make up for it in these posts.
  16. Everything that needs to be said is on a fishing report and on my signature line along with photos and often times video. I won't go into deeper details of what rock to stand on as I'd rather keep those things off the inter webs. I'm happy to share flies used and equipment again, all on the blog. I find information on run timing useful for locating fish and last season although the timing and tides were ideal I struck out on several expensive ferry and fuel trips. Sometimes it's about being there at the right time.
  17. Sorry, but I call bullshit on this. Only report chasers need the location. Someone can provide an excellent report with lots of information about techniques, equipment, flies, strategies etc without giving up the location.
    Look at all the people that bitched about the crowded beaches during pink season yet continued to post where they were fishing. Combine that with the lurkers who offer nothing but suck info off the board.
    Really, should you expect anything less then a crowd?

    You can easily say I was fishing MA11 etc without giving up the exact location. What the hell ever happen to just going out and fishing on your own without someone having to tell you what rock to stand on?
  18. Not gonna lie... I'm having a blast with these humpies, but I've really got a hair up my ass to go after coho sooner than later. Might have to make it out to the coho grounds here soon.
  19. I'll throw in $.02.

    I would agree with the salt or fresh designation. Personally I don't give a rip and have been at it long enough that I just wish a report to be entertaining or have some nice photography (which BTW IMHO doesn't include a fish lying on the dry least move in and do a macro of the eye or fin or something). But for someone trying to figure things out giving techniques without saying if it's for salt, estuary or fresh river can be more confusing than helpful.

    Also I personally find fish counts above a "limit" pedantic and narcissistic, but that's just me personally. The idea of keeping track of dbl digit catching or hooking or ratio there of is something I simply don't associate with a worthwhile story. I will grant that I probably did many years and fish ago and therefore will grant someone some leeway in posting it up but I might also take an opportunity like this one to encourage them to "move along" in their evolution of a fly fisher.

    A good internet report is tricky and highly dependent upon the circumstances of the fishery. Everyone has their own comfort level of divulging locations and you have to respect that. I just want a good story, photo or video; and I try to provide the same.
  20. I do sit back and just read without commenting most of the time. I thought this was a public forum to help people that are new to fishing and fly fishing or new to the area figure out the game. Their will always be people who need the reassurence that they are in the right place using the right tackle at the right time. Bitching at them will not help when the next new guy or gal comes along. I have no problem with most opinions and personal insights on this board, but it seems to turn into a bitchfest no matter what the subject? I Know where to fish and how to fish and don't need to know your secret spot. I will at my discretion share any info about any rock, fly, bait or lure with persons of my choice. The shit people pitch on this board makes participating in the conversation worse than moving your boat to close to the Dash point dock when the fish are in. For the most part I just stay out of it rather than catch a bunch of crap from people I don't know and in some case don't care to meet. I've said what I needed to say, I will not be back lurking much cause it ain't no fun.


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