September Pink Reports

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  1. Sorry my info doesn't meet everyone's standards. But the reason for shitty photos and numbers is because I am journaling/photographing every pink I catch this year for reasons that only matter to me. I will continue to post info I feel like sharing complete with half assed photography until I throw in the towel.
  2. Don't take it personally Evan, just opinions and we all got them. It was just as I said my $.02 and not knowing me you might be reading more into it then I intend. Wait till we meet to decide if I'm a total asshat or not.
  3. I disagree 100%. Always how but never where.
  4. What's your guys' definition of 'where'?
    Where as in what Mile Marker you were at? What rock you were standing on?

    How about giving the name of the river/area, upper/lower, I could careless where you were standing.
  5. I've posted reports from various area 11, 10, and 9 beaches and the Snohomish system rivers.

    I've been completely skunked ONCE this season (as in 0 grabs, no hookups, nada), and it was the one and only time I followed the "report."

    I don't like report chasing, or feeding the habits of those that rely on reports. I'll post what I want, when I want, and you can take what you want from it or ignore it. I'm not changing my habits. I'm not fishing secret rivers or areas, but I have some specifics to what I do that I don't want going out on an open forum. My favorite spot to fish for pinks, which I ALWAYS fished by myself, or with at the most one or two other people, has had 15+ people at it on multiple occasions, on WEEK DAYS this run. I despise fishing with crowds. It's a deal breaker for me, and I won't post anything that may feed more people to where I'm at.
  6. Has anyone else noticed different sexes keying in on different sizes and retrievies? This weekend a pal was fishing a size 6 or so medium weighted gotcha thingy and all his fish but one were bucks. I was fishing a size 2 3/32oz jig and all my fish but one were hens. I've noticed this a couple of times this season.
  7. Definitely. When I was fishing my super secret "shell back" fly, all I caught were big, hot males. More drab, less flashy flies seemed to get mostly hens.

    Last couple days with the flashabou fly, it's been back to mostly males again.
  8. Also, if anyone wants to go slummin' on the Duwamish and is worried about the nets being in, the Muckleshoot fisheries hotline is: 1 800 347 4669.
  9. Anyone know if the Snohomish system gets the gill net treatment this year? I haven't found much of any info on it.
  10. My original statement might have come across a little too strong for some, but I never said that exact locations and secrets should be posted. My comments were mainly in reference to jwg's fundamental questions about the general area in which pink action might be found. I do agree with Stonefly that:

    "Someone can provide an excellent report with lots of information about techniques, equipment, flies, strategies etc without giving up the location."

    So enough digression, someone post up a good report so I can vicariously fish while I'm taking care of the honey-do list.

    fish on!

    PS. Thanks to Ian for the fly pattern, will put it to the test tomorrow evening.
  11. Fished the Duwi tonight - still lots of fish but I think that the test nets go in tomorrow, so depending on what constitutes a test that may or may not last.

    I had a much harder time getting fish to strike today - not sure what the deal was but I recall the same sort of thing happening near the end of the 1st week of September during the last run, and found that I was consistently having the best luck with small green flashabou comets for some reason.

    I had my best (only) luck with smallish (6-8) cerise flashabou comets that look an awful lot like Ian's fly, fished off of a floater on a longish leader - except mine have a bit of fluff just behind the eyes. Best of luck and if anyone has eyes on the net situation from tomorrow onwards please post an update.

    Not sure I'll make it out again but what a glorious night to end the run on if that's the case. I hope everyone had at least one outing where it all came together during this run.
  12. Thanks again for sharing that fly - came through for me when nothing else seemed to work on at least a couple of occasions.
  13. would you take me fishing if I tie you some flies
    all I got is some smoked king and smoked sockeye strips in the freezer from last year
  14. You are a machine! How do you do it? I'm with Kelvin...what do you need? Beer? Flies? Free gas for a year? ;) Show me the way oh fish Jedi.
  15. If you are going to visit Donkey I'll be there with you.
  16. Punch him for me
  17. Order up... one Donkey Punch
  18. I may or may not be drunk and don't care.
    1st off The Muckleshoot have not decided to set the nets on Thursday, but that may change.

    If you want a place to catch or see fish, go to the following areas, don't worry, none of these are anyone's secret spots, and if you think it is well.......................ooppps.
    A little something for everyone.

    1. East waterway of the Duwamish. You can access some of the areas along the East Marginal way, but if you have a watercraft of some sort you will be better off. There is enough fish for everyone to catch and release. If you need here is the "rock" to stand on. 47.57373 -122.34385

    2. Deception Pass /Deception pass state park - Google is your friend
    3. Snohomish river near the mouth of the Pilchuck - Google is your friend
    4. Lincoln park
    5. Out in front of Shilshole Marina near the buoy marker-47.69359 -122.413
    7. Puyallup River - Sewage treatment plant / Italian restaurant. 4719867 -1222.5498
    8. Green River - near Boeing 4750311 -122.29654
    9. Skykomish - 4785966 -121.81999
    10. Dash Point

    1. Hoodsport ( hurry almost over)


    All up and down the beach from Richmond beach to West Seattle, - look at the map
  19. Just about done at Dash Point. People are still fishing it hard but not having a lot to show for it. After all, the run won't last forever and I caught my first fish on July 31st. That's 40 days.
  20. A bit tougher since I just sold my boat and the buyer takes delivery this week. Alot of those fish were taken from Neah Bay and locally. It's going to be a foot game this month and through October, but from
    What I've seen so far, it's going to be a stellar Coho run with big healthy fish and the reddest, richest meat I've seen that beats anything I was catching in Kodiak. This is my summer to fish hard since were expecting our 2nd child, so sorry folks as I'm just trying to get my time on the water these last couple of months.

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