September Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Soon, I'll be on a mission to dial in the infamous lockjawed Snohomish system coho
  2. You amuse me young sir.
  3. I don't recall saying that fly rods would be involved...
  4. FYI; Lots of jumpers near the beach in Saratoga Pass off the N.W. side of Camano Island yesterday (9/8).
    I only had 20 minutes to fish, no grabs but lots of fish still around there.
    On a side note for you bird observers; I saw a Common Loon in all its summer glory black and white plumage. Won't be long until more are seen on the Sound, although after they molt their winter plumage is not as spectacular. Nice to see the loons.
  5. Still lot's showing up at harbor island. pretty good bite today too (although I did finally switch patterns too). Grabbed my share, jumped back home, got'em on the brine and heading to work; not a C&R day. If I see some nets this afternoon I'll let folks know.
  6. Humpy season = solitude on steelhead waters. Coho season = nice days on the salt mixed in with solitude on some great steelhead water. Been that way for 20+ years for me. Thank you odd numbered years. That's my Sept pink report.
  7. Boasting and Pink Salmon are an oxymoron.

    I don't see Evan or any of the others posting somewhat vague reports as boasting. I see them posting this as encouragement letting others know they are out there to be had. Hell, I love Dungeness crab meat but don't expect someone else to catch, cook, clean, and crack them for me. It'd be nice, but that's my job.
  8. :thumb:
  9. Steelhead will always be my #1. But it's only a few weeks every two years that I get to go catch big, hard fighting fish by the hundreds close to home. I enjoy it while it lasts.
  10. They're all yours. But, to call them hard fighting fish is a bit of a stretch. I'll give 'em credit, they do take a fly and pull for a few seconds but considering them to be hard fighting is like saying a RF bow is a spring creek trout....... They are.... technically;)

    It's only about putting fish on ice when talking about pinks. I'd rather have the experience of untouched water for a month or two than throw some slimy little skank of a fish in my ice box. Besides, their best attribute is providing river nutrients for the next generation of whatever is being hatched in the river.

  11. I very much disagree on that. This year, the big males fight HARD. I've put over 50 steelhead to hand this year, so I have something to compare to. I've had several pinks cartwheel, tailwalk, run to the backing, and be completely on FIRE and impossible to turn. Not every fish mind you, but more than enough to make it extremely fun.

    I know it's not cool amongst the elite to say pinks are good for anything (food, fighting, etc), but I know for a fact they are good for something.

  12. I have to agree with Evan. Although I am not really targeting them, the few incidental pinks that I have caught this season have fought harder than in previous years. However, I am only speaking in regards to my own experience, which is limited in regards to the 2011 pink run.
  13. I would say they can be hard fighting. Got taken for a ride by one a few weeks ago. He pulled me in my kayak around pretty good. He was really god to me and pulled me right to the beach to be bleed and put on ice. Not even silvers pull me around that very often. to be fair it was a 8 LBS male so as big as an average coho.
    Also had a 4 pound pink I would have sworn was a 15 pound Chinook until I got it in. Course it most likley was running for its life from a seal at the time because when I landed it, it had a set of teeth marks on it. Never did see any seals around at the time but?
    As for eating I kind of like to eat Pinks either fresh cooked on the grill same day its caught or reheated and put into a seafood pasta.
  14. Pinks are great for many reasons:

    Take people who have never fished and be able to have them land a salmon on gear or fly, especially kids
    New fishermen (I like the ones who go and buy really expensive gear and than never use it again) . We all benefit from these guys/gals because we get to buy some of that gear for great discount
    Brings extra $$ to the state, especially now when most of our cities are bankrupt
    Definitely $$ for all the tackle/sporting good stores
    Food for some
    New friendship
    All the discussions it brings to on every NW fishing forum; good and bad, it's better than TV.
  15. To each his own. Whether you like or dislike the Pink run is a personal matter and IMHO no one should knock anyone for enjoying the catching and eating if that's what they want to do. I for one have enjoyed the run over the past 8 or 10 years because it's close to home. It's smooth water and the fish do battle hard for the most part. I've had good jumpers and those that have wrapped me up in my motor. I've worn out my arm and shoulder on long days and I've had several skunk days where I lost fish without bringing others to hand. I'll continue the Pink fishing as long as I'm able. Now it's time to get down to Coho and SRC fishing for a while. I like that too and I'll see some of you out there, I'm sure.
  16. I hope nobody here takes me too seriously. My motto.... If it'll take a fly and pull a bit it's good in my book. I don't care what it is. I've been known to train my dog with a 5 wt and pheasant wing. Strictly c n r there;)

    I like the diversity in our area. Carp, bass, trout, salmon, etc. It keeps us all doing something different which spreads out the pressure. Can't beat that!
  17. I only wish the four full days of vacation invested in attempting to catch the blasted pinks in the puyallup with my son would have been productive. Not one fish landed. Tried all the tricks and advice, but nothing. Had hoped to see my son land his first salmon before he heads off to college or university somewhere else. Didn't happen. With my work schedule I don't know if we'll get another shot at it this autumn. We are not pleased with the pinks. Truly envy you guys who talk about full limits and lots of fish landed.
  18. I'm not sure if you were juts using fly rods, but at some point I wold started using a Dick Nite with the fly rod or spinning. Sorry about the skunking.

  19. Ditto to Patrick. I was up at the Stilly last weekend and burned my arm out with tendenitis try to get one of the hoard of pinks to bite. My only take was on a Wallmart jig and the hook broke. In 2009 at least 5 trips to Brown Point yeilded 1 inadvertently snagged fish. What am I doing wrong? I'm not the best fly fisherman but I'm not that bad.
  20. "Dick Nite"? Sorry, doesn't register for me. I'm assuming it's a particular pattern?

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