September Pink Reports

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  1. It's famous 'gear' spoon that is produced locally. They are known to be humpy killers. They also work well for coho if yer chuckin' gear.
  2. A Dick Nite is a super light weight spoon.... it's meant to be used on spinning gear but if you swing it or slowly strip it on a fly rod it's super deadly.. Technically not fly fishing but it is still a fun way to fish and it can tell you a lot about the water you are fishing by how the spoon is fluttering in the current.
  3. Hey Everyone,
    I would like to introduce myself and start making some posts to this site. This seems like a relatively polite crowd! I've been having good luck fishing for pinks near the point at Golden Gardens.
    As for the folks who have had trouble getting the pinks to bite, here are some tips that have worked for me:
    1. slow down the retrieve.
    2. pause longer between strips
    3. use smaller flies (has anyone heard of the "handlebar"?
    4. in rivers, i always keep moving until I find biters.
    I've had plenty of fishless hours during the pink runs over the years, and some of the methods above have saved the day for me.
  4. A test net (single net, but the bridge) was in when I launched in the Duwi this morning - but was gone by the time I left at 8:30. Still a fair number of fish there - cerise flashabou comet with fairly heavy ice, fished off of a floater on a long leader seemed to get the job done.
  5. From my experience, in the rivers, this year's pinks seem to prefer small (size 8) sparse flies with lots of flashabou and a very slow retrieve with intermittent twitches and a long leader/tippet. This run's pinks seem to be stronger fighters than the last run; almost comparable to chums.
  6. We need rain bad. Fished all day in the rivers up here, and only hooked 4. Hooked one big, really hot buck that gave me a pretty spectacular aerial show.

    The fish are coming in at a lower rate with each passing day, and they aren't being particularly grabby. There are still a lot in the salt, but I think they're waiting for the rain we aren't going to get.

    I so badly want to go swing up a steelhead after this week's tough pinking.
  7. Hit the green up today, saw lots of fish but couldn't get them to strike, also plenty of people snagging them. We stopped by the river Monday afternoon and saw the warden with what looked like 20 rods in the back of his rig, about 15 people standing around and one guy looked like he was in cuffs. Glad to see them doing their job!
  8. Just wanted to give you guys a little thanks. I have been following all of these reports and they have been extremely helpful to me. I have been learning about run timing, crowds, techniques, locations, patterns, presentations..... the list goes on. All of this info gets used when I get the chance to hit the water and I think that it is helping me become a better fisherman. So, Thanks. Keep it up.
  9. I have to add the caveat that there are plenty of fish around in the Snoho, but they are staging in deep water better fished by gear rods. I've seen lots of gear guys leaving with limits by 9am, although some of the fish are starting to look a little green around the gills. Guys are also doing well off boats using jigs and Dick Nites. Now it's time for me to figure out how to emulate their success using a fly rod.

  10. Keep everything the same but try a Type 3 sink tip, worked like a champ in 2009.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking
  12. Yesterday, I went and scoped out some of the major spawning tribs that should be carpeted in pinks by this point. We saw maybe a baker's dozen. something different is definitely up.
  13. I agree, when I went out on Tuesday exploring my favorite spawning trib I was expecting to see a carpet of fish and the idiots they bring out. Instead I was was pretty well alone... with no fish to be seen.
  14. Ran the Boulder Drop run on the Sky in my kayak today, and would estimate that fish numbers in that stretch are several thousand fold lower than at the same time in 2009. Not sure what that means, if anything, but the difference is striking.
  15. I had a decent and quiet morning in the Seattle area, though I had quite a few shit hook sets. The fish are getting kind of nippy. Anyhow at 0 dark 30 I was kind of relaxing, watching the fish fin around on top, listening to the birds, standing knee deep in water and had a bull sea lion surface 15 or so feet away. Damn near had to change my underoos!
  16. Coho are in the salt.
    we got three in the shipping lane lost 2 near elliot bay marina
  17. So you've smoked up twelve thousand
    pounds of pinks,

    give a half ton to the

    and caught a shit load of
    easy to catch fish.......

    Woo Woo look at me!

    If it ain't a Ho or a King
    throw it back.

  18. You've quickly made yourself into the position of my least favorite poster. God forbid some of us actually get out and have fun catching and enjoying one of the last healthy fisheries we have left.

  19. Thanks Evan,

    that was like
    catching pinks......

    so easy.

  20. Whatever. I have no time for people who look down on, and make fun of other people for enjoying themselves. Thankfully, this site has an ignore feature.

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