September Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I was making fun of a fishery that brings out the worst
    in people,

    saying they will get hundreds of fish and thinking it was a big deal.

    It changes from a sport to a cluster f ***.

    Wow I caught 1,000 pinks,

    If you got 10 Coho or Kings
    then we are talking.

    Go have fun. Go fish.

  2. Troll... I have tale for you:

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff

    Once upon a time there were three billy goats, who were to go up to the hillside to make themselves fat, and the name of all three was "Gruff."

    On the way up was a bridge over a cascading stream they had to cross; and under the bridge lived a great ugly troll , with eyes as big as saucers, and a nose as long as a poker.

    So first of all came the youngest Billy Goat Gruff to cross the bridge.

    "Trip, trap, trip, trap! " went the bridge.

    "Who's that tripping over my bridge?" roared the troll .

    "Oh, it is only I, the tiniest Billy Goat Gruff , and I'm going up to the hillside to make myself fat," said the billy goat, with such a small voice.

    "Now, I'm coming to gobble you up," said the troll.

    "Oh, no! pray don't take me. I'm too little, that I am," said the billy goat. "Wait a bit till the second Billy Goat Gruff comes. He's much bigger."

    "Well, be off with you," said the troll.

    A little while after came the second Billy Goat Gruff to cross the bridge.

    Trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap, went the bridge.

    "Who's that tripping over my bridge?" roared the troll.

    "Oh, it's the second Billy Goat Gruff , and I'm going up to the hillside to make myself fat," said the billy goat, who hadn't such a small voice.

    "Now I'm coming to gobble you up," said the troll.

    "Oh, no! Don't take me. Wait a little till the big Billy Goat Gruff comes. He's much bigger."

    "Very well! Be off with you," said the troll.

    But just then up came the big Billy Goat Gruff .

    Trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap! went the bridge, for the billy goat was so heavy that the bridge creaked and groaned under him.

    "Who's that tramping over my bridge?" roared the troll.

    "It's I! The big Billy Goat Gruff ," said the billy goat, who had an ugly hoarse voice of his own.

    "Now I 'm coming to gobble you up," roared the troll.

    Well, come along! I've got two spears,
    And I'll poke your eyeballs out at your ears;
    I've got besides two curling-stones,
    And I'll crush you to bits, body and bones.

    That was what the big billy goat said. And then he flew at the troll, and poked his eyes out with his horns, and crushed him to bits, body and bones, and tossed him out into the cascade, and after that he went up to the hillside. There the billy goats got so fat they were scarcely able to walk home again. And if the fat hasn't fallen off them, why, they're still fat; and so,

    Snip, snap, snout.
    This tale's told out.
  3. It's definitely bringing out the worst in you... chill out dude
  4. Just tell me what I've said is
    wrong..... and I would pay attention.

    I'll pit my herd of goats
    against yours any day.

  5. Anybody know how long the nets are up on the Duwamish?
  6. What you are saying is wrong because you are trolling and being a douche....
  7. Great answer....

    Thanks for giving
    a reply that made no sense.

    Sorry if I hurt your fishing

    It must be very
    hard to catch pinks and....
    I didn't know that.

  8. So anyway.........I have not see a lot of spawned out pinks yet on the sky, and yet someone tells me the run is over? I think not. Was it Evan or Ian that talked about rain. Yep, need some rain to bring them in no? Lots rolling this morning on the Sky but lock-jawed. Teasers is what they are.

    Oh, and Dave, (Go Fish) Pinks aren't any easier or harder to catch than Silvers or Kings, and catching is catching, fun is fun. don't be a salmon snob and don't be an ass. Simple rules to live by.
  9. think they'll be in until Friday night...

    And Go Fish- I rip the skin off my pinks like a seal or bear does when cleaning them so NO SLIME :)
    They're not so bad. Of course they aren't 'hos or 'nooks but c'mon they're still fun to catch.
  10. Cool, thanks!

    From another post upthread, pink salmon get people into fishing, including me... a win for all involved.

    Go Fish is a rather inexperienced troll. Sarcasm doesn't translate online, plus who are you trolling.... pink salmon? Pink's don't care about you dave, why you mad? Wierd thing is he has 900+ posts, what else is he posting!

    - See, that's an attempt at sarcasm for some strange reason. He probably doesn't like the people who fish for pinks and actually catch them, as people who catch pinks are an affront to civilized folk. You know, they probably don't speak English and all.

    Dave K also wrote:
    So he doesn't like the people who fish for pink salmon. He was also 'making fun' so he's a comedian as well. Better work on your delivery. He also doesn't like people who say they will get hundreds of fish, when that is clearly illegal. Who are these people?

    This is wierd to me, as if you don't want to be surrounded by 'those people' who fish for pinks, there's plenty of area to fish without having to deal with 'those people.'

    I have a feeling Dave K aka 'go fish' is a cranky old fart. Good job
  11. Oh here we go. The reason why 'go fish' hates pinks is b/c he owns land and hates the people who go fishing for pinks.

    Well good job owning the tidelands. Awful lot of good that's doing for ya... full of poison posting hate on a message board.

    What is point of owning tidelands anyway, other than to limit access? Just for fun, DK also wrote:

    Use of the word 'mugwumps' indicate DK is ancient. Owning class 1 tideslands supports this case.

    He also asserted 50% of the 'mugwumps' use treble hooks. Probably not true.

    So he doesn't like the fact that its 2011 and his once empty shoreline are being trampled upon by non-English speakers of dubious ethnicity. Apparently his class 1 tidelands aren't enough.

    edit: by examining Dave K's 50 recent posts, it indicated he's a Class 1 Tidelands owner living on low income. His car is 20+ years old, and he complains about his $340/month tax bill. Well DK, Class 1 Tidelands aren't free! Maybe if you planned for your retirement better you wouldn't be sweating the small stuff.

    Also, he publicly admits to defrauding the State of Washington by making AND SELLING counterfeit Discovery Passes. Congratulations DK, you know how to use a copy machine. Next thing he'll be telling us how he was able to score extra napkins and ketchup packets from the burger restaurant drive-thru.
  12. :rofl: Not sure why some people have to be so bitter. Oh well.
  13. WOW Steve,

    You've got free time than I do.
    It does seem rather creepy that you would read my
    last 50 posts, take words of mine out of context to
    call me old.

  14. when I have an extra 15 minutes I'll be looking up property records for anyone owning class 1 waterfront property with the first name Dave - shouldn't be hard to figure out from vehicle registration records who owns a 20+ year old car to narrow down the criminal selling fake discovery passes ;)
  15. PM me and I'll give you my lot numbers.
  16. I have seen a lot of spawning pinks in the forks of the Skykomish River, as well as the upper portion of the one of the Skagit River tributaries. Season after season, I have yet to cease being impressed by the drive of these little salmon. Suffice to say, give them a trickle and they will spawn. If anything concerns me, it is the lack of spawning Chinook salmon.
  17. Went to the mighty Snoho and hooked between 15-20 landed 7-10. All in all there weren't too many people one the river.
  18. Was pretty cold this morning in the city and it had me wondering if the lower pressure was enough to bring in some fresh feesh. I guess this answers that!
  19. \
    Damn i wish I could get out this weekend! I'm not ready to be done with these fish yet, but am done for the next few weeks. I think I'm just not ready to have 'skunk' be a part of my regular fishing vocabulary yet.
  20. Hit the Snoho this mornin with Itchy Dog. We both hooked up pretty quickly, both of us losing our first fish. Then things got tough for a few hours while we scratched our heads. I managed to hit a fish here and there, but nothing consistent considering how many were around.

    Tied on a white fly, and managed to land 4 more fish in about 30mins before I had to bail. The fish definitely didn't show the "spunk" that has been so common with this run. Only had a few hard runs out of them, but most fish were dominated quite easily.

    Ended up 6 for... I dunno... 10-12? Something like that. I lost a lot. But yeah... White got the job done.

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