September Pink Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I would suppose the fish would be nearing their end about now. That would account for the less than spunky runs. We are seven weeks since my first Pink. That's a pretty long run.
  2. On average there's about two more weeks left in the S river runs which start later than the runs down south and 09 being a major exception where the last boot I drug up was November.
  3. Went back for the evening bite to test out the new Allen Spey rod this evening. Hooked in to several bright, feisty fish that put a healthy bend in an 8wt Spey. Great funs.

    I've definitely got steelhead on the brain these days, so not sure how many of these reports I have left.
  4. That "Go Fish" character Dave has it coming! We should gather up all our old pink salmon fillets and scatter them over his elitist private tidelands. Then he will have to smell humpy odor for weeks to come.
  5. he'll be haunted by humpy ghosts until august 2013.

  6. Actually, I was speaking specifically about Pinks in the salt. I don't fish the rivers for them as the rivers close by are so crowded so as to not make it enjoyable. I would agree there are still a couple of weeks left in the rivers. I am turning my attentions to coho in the salt about now.
  7. There are still a LOT of pinks in the salt up this way. Our run happens a lot later, especially in the Snohomish system. This run is just getting started when the south sound run is on its last legs.
  8. Great. Maybe I can get up there some time to get out. I have a kids derby this weekend and a steelhead trip next but I might be able to fit something in.
  9. Thanks DimeBrite,

    I get enough chums on my elitist beach that I'll
    have plenty of smell later in the year.

    I'm trying to lay low, say nothing about, you know,
    and avoid and ignore all the threats and PMs from
    the stalker that has time to read and comment
    on my last 50 posts.

  10. Pinks in the Snoqualmie today.. not that I could catch a damn one, but they were there.. along with sea run's and quite a few par in close!
  11. Good reports everybody!

    edit: I wonder if anybody has tried to fish off of Brace Point south of the Fauntleroy ferry dock?

    No private beach signs.

  12. Sorry Dave I just couldn't hold back my anger. I need to get mellow and eat my smoked pink sandwhich now.
  13. It has a pretty tough profile for fly casting from the beach. better from a boat
  14. I havent been able to pull any pinks out of the Puyallup on the fly rod, which is strange as I have been trying all of my go to flies and at different depths.
    I must be doing something wrong...

    Anyways, tons of Pinks are rising too, does anybody use dry flies? What kind of dry would you use?
  15. I was wondering with the late run of pinks to the Sno is it worthwhile to fish the salt at Mulkiteo? I have not fished there as I spent most of my time in the south but is pretty much over done there.
    Thanks for the info.
  16. m.albrecht, Mukilteo is a tough case. the problem is how close to shore the fish will be. i have caught pinks there but only the buzz bomb.
    the reason is you normally have to cast as far out as you can (buzzbomb) and hope there are fish swimming in your zone.
    plus you have boat traffic, ferry traffic and sea lions. the fish just dont want to get that close. but who knows you could get lucky.
    if you have a small boat that would put you in the zone.
  17. Snoho river was good last night. Still seems to be fresh fish pushing upriver (landed three chrome hens) and they like to bite chartreuse or pink flash flies.

    Fished Bush Pt. this morning and saw a few pinks jumping around before high tide (8am) then the rest of the jumpers were Coho. Not a lot of backcast room at high tide so I fished the gear rod and went 0/1 with a nice coho.
  18. Spokane Bridge was extremely slow today. Some bite in the morning, virtually none later, although the fish were there.

    Guy snagged a very nice coho next to me, put it back. At least 8 lbs.

    edit: it was a snagfest. For each caught in the mouth, figure 8 snagged and sent back. There was a boat with 7 dudes on it snagging the evening away, parked in the left side of the channel. Boo.
  19. Tidal Snohomish- 6 cutts, 3 bullheads, 1 bull trout, a long way from a snoho slam. Small pods moving up much of the morning, some jumpers. Gear guys on shore maybe a pink for every four guys trying...
  20. duwamish netting?

    Hi board,

    Anybody have any idea how long they'll be netting the Duwamish this time around?

    And if so, is there a resource on line that has this information? Much appreciated!

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