September Spey Tying Roundtable

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    We will Resume the Spey Tying Roundtables on the 2ns Sunday of each month, 2-4pm at 'All About the Fly', 212 E. Main St Monroe, WA 98272, (360) 863-1833.

    This is an opportunity for tyers of all experience levels to get together and tie some Speys. Bring Tools, vise and thread if you have it. Materials will be provided. If you have questions bring them also and many will be happy to answer. If you have never tied a Spey and would like to learn this is also the place.

    This month we will work on the Lady Caroline.
    Hook – Alec Jackson Spey, Black
    Thread – Pearsall’s Gossamer #9, Black
    Tail – Golden Pheasant Breast
    Spey Hackle – Ringneck Pheasant Flank or Blue Eared Pheasant
    Rib – Flat Silver Tinsel and Oval Silver Tinsel
    Body – Ronn Lucas Iridescent Dubbing, Lady Caroline or
    Steelhead Anglers Silk-Berlin Wool, 1 strand Brown, 2 strands Olive
    Collar – Golden Pheasant Breast
    Wing – Bronze Mallard

    Please join us!
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    Carnation, WA, USA.
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    Due to a personal emergency the September Spey Tying Roundtable will be the 3rd Sunday. Starting in October we will go back to the 2nd Sunday