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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jbrodie, May 3, 2006.

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    For those looking for lakes to fish you might consider the Seven Lakes area, about 8 miles N.W. of Marysville. Several are doing quite well and if you don't like the one you are at a 5 minute drive will get you to several others. I have lived on Lake Loma for 18 years and it is now a year round lake and would expect it to be stocked any time. They do the general opener lakes first. Loma has been "planted" with large mouths about 15 years ago by the bucket brigade. Knocked the hell out of the frog population. If you are into bass you might give it a go. Lots of water lilies to fish, north end shallow. Access is on East side. Jim.
  2. Loma is the only lake there that I haven't fished. Might just have a go at those bass sometime. Did you know the game dept. stocked a bunch of brown trout fry in crabapple.
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  4. In the 2006 game dept. fish stocking pdf. schedule under crabapple lake, 10,000 brown trout fry and 5,000 cutthroat fry. Don't know if it's the first plant though.
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    Do you want to know where to get them brownies at. I ain't gonna tell you.:p :p :p

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    Great news, except we're all gonna have to wait a couple of years before they come into their own. But when they do.... :eek: :beer2:
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    One of the few times I fished for bass was on Loma. Caught a bunch but nothing over 10". I live close by so I get around the other area lakes a bit this time of year.
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    I have not caught any large ones either, mostly 10 to 14 inches but I don't fish for them a lot. A guy a few doors down had a 6 1/2 pound large mouth he caught in Loma mounted. Perhaps I should put a little more effort into bass fishing. Jim.
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    Loma kicks ass, last time I fished it I hadn't discovered fly fishing though. Did good with gear, hope to do as good on the fly.